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Boarding Schools In Pune

Check some of best boarding schools in pune. As pune is good hub for education you can choose here some of best boarding schools in pune for better education.

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Pune is a tranquil city situated just two hours away from the busy life of the metropolitan city Mumbai. Lots of greenery surround Pune, this small city is home to the best educational institutes. You can see here many well-known and famous boarding schools in Pune. Jawahar Lal Nehru also mentions this city as the ‘Oxford of the East’, which manifests to be one of the main education hubs in Western India. Pune makes the most sought-after education destination all over India, with a smooth lifestyle.  This small city Pune is also known as the center of ‘Japanese learning’ in India. Along with this, several top boarding schools in Pune offer world-class education to students.

In terms of education, Pune is the most popular city which houses schools and colleges affiliated to prime boards such as ICSE, CBSE, Higher Secondary Education Board of India, and Maharashtra board. For its schools, Pune has become the main spot for education gratified by students not only from India but all over the world. For most systems of school education, the top schools in Pune follow the 10+2 plan.

Best Boarding Schools in Pune

Sahyadri School – Best Boarding School in Pune


Sahyadri School is India’s 6th best-coed boarding school, according to 2016. Sahyadri School in Pune is one of the prestigious schools founded in the year of 1995. This follows the Council for the Indian School Certification Examination (CISCE). The Krishnamurti Foundation India (KFI) conducted this residential school. Sahyadri School has made a belief and is one of the top ICSE schools in Pune. The faculty of this school is well-experienced and helps students in every field of their life. This school concentrate to enhance the student-teacher bond. Sahyadri School has an updated system of education as per modern norms and the IT culture. The modern art facilities are offered at the campus of this school.

Mahindra International School – Best Boarding School in Pune


Mahindra International School is one of the renowned boarding school in Pune. Another name of this best boarding school is the Mercedes-Benz International School. Mahindra International School was founded in the year of 1998. Mahindra School follows the IB Curriculum. This best boarding school in India has also won the title of ‘Longest Standing 3-Programme IB school in India. Mahindra School is a center of education for global students as well as Indians. This school offers advanced facilities on the campus. Mahindra School has all the facilities that are required by the students for their overall development and learning.

Indus International School – Best Boarding School in Pune


Indus International School is one of the top international boarding school in Pune. If you believe in the concept of ‘Whole education’, then this school is the best place to choose. Indus International School is established in the year of 2008. This school is affiliated with the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum of education; it is an English medium school. This unique learning system at the school is helping students to enhance their talents and skills. The Indus Trust conducts Indus School. The campus of Indus international school is spread over 40 acres of land area and offers amazing facilities to students. The infrastructure of Indus International School leaves an outstanding impression.

The Bishop’s School – Best Boarding School in Pune


The Bishop’s school is one of the prestigious boarding school in Pune. This boarding school was founded in the year of 1864. The Bishop’s school might be one of the oldest boarding schools in Pune; this boarding school just started with the 15 boys. This school follows the ICSE board of the Indian education system. The Bishop’s School is situated in the cantonment area of Pune. This well-known school has well-maintained spacious and ventilated classrooms, a well-stocked library, and well-equipped laboratories. The Bishop school also gives several facilities for sports and a lot of importance to sports. This school won the PSAAA cricket Cup 7 times and PSAAA Football Cup 18 times.

BK Birla Center for Education – Best Boarding School in Pune


BK Birla Center for Education is one of the best boarding school in Pune. Mr. BK Birla and Mrs. Sarala Birla established this boarding school in the year of 1998. This boarding school was established with the objective of offering world-class education to students. BK Birla Center for Education is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Along with education, this school also focuses on extra curriculum activities. BK Birla Center for education is all about making students all-rounder.

St Helena’s School – Best Boarding School in Pune


St Helena’s School is one of the well-known boarding schools in Pune. The Susie Sorabji established the boarding school in the year of 1908. St Helena’s school follows the ICSE board of the Indian Education system. This school offers quality education to students. St Helena’s School has the finest campus houses, some of the best facilities needed by the students for their better learning. Apart from academics, this school also encourages students to participate in other fields such as sports, arts, and music.

So here was the list of top boarding schools in Pune. Next, we will come with some other best options. but if you have any queries or need any suggestions then you can fill our form and our expert will guide you for the better future of your child.

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