List of Boarding Schools In India

Boarding schools in India have the advantage of offering education to students living far away from their hometowns. Nowadays single-gender boarding schools like boys and  Girls schools in India are being widely popular. This is especially useful if you want your child to settle in a particular city. But he or she belongs to a remote place. Most of the boarding schools are not the same every school has its own rules and regulations.

Education is not only the medium to improve our career chances and income, but it is also an essential step towards personal growth and self-actualization. Today we are going to bring you some information regarding boarding education in India.

Boarding schools in India

Why Boarding Schools in India are popular

Boarding schools in India are a good way to help children escape from their poor surroundings and start their lives on a positive path. Boarding schools in India are known for their strict discipline, high academic standards, and a worldwide reputation for producing leaders.

These schools have an established history in India and abroad, as well as a proven track record of success, with graduates moving on to prestigious universities around the world. Indians are proud of their culture and tradition. Many Indians want to keep their children close and teach them everything they can about their heritage. Luckily, there are more than 5000 boarding schools in India that allow parents to do just that. There are many reasons why boarding schools are popular that includes – safe, secure environment, academic excellence, extracurricular activities, cultural immersion, and more.

There are several important points, which should be kept in mind while selecting a boarding school for your child.

  1. Choose a school having the reputation of an academic
  2. The teaching faculty of the school should have experienced
  3. The infrastructure of the school
  4. The specialized curriculum and extra-curricular activities offered
  5. The neighborhood and locality of the school
  6. Distance from home.
  7. Student placements at various levels after completion of their course.

Girls boarding schools in India

Girls boarding schools in India provide a structured environment for girls to complete their secondary education and develop leadership skills. These schools not only provide an education for students but also work to instill good morals and values into the girls who attend.

When the girls are sent away to boarding school, families get peace of mind knowing that their daughters are safe and are being taken care of by someone else. There’s no fear of them becoming too “modern” or “independent,” because they’re not at home anymore—they’re in a different environment. When they go off to college, they’re usually ready to be independent and can find a job easily after graduation because they’ve already had time to adapt before

Benefits of Girls Boarding schools in India

  1. Discipline is the key factor of education. If you send your daughter to a school where she will be supervised 24/7, you can rest assured that she will develop good habits.
  2. Girls boarding schools in India provide a secure atmosphere for her to grow and learn without fear of abuse or sexual harassment.
  3. The curriculum and teaching methods at girls schools in India are gender-sensitive and geared towards building her self-esteem.
  4. There is less peer pressure on girls to conform to the standards set by boys.
  5. A single-sex environment allows girls to focus on their studies more effectively and achieve higher grades than they would otherwise.
  6. The faculty is trained to deal with issues like PMS and puberty so your daughter can get all the help that she needs with no outside influence
  7. Girls who attend single-sex schools are highly sought after by top colleges because they have better records than their mixed-gender contemporaries
  8. Many Girls boarding schools in India provide sports facilities and extracurricular activities that allow girls to participate in athletic events alongside boys which instill confidence and help them develop.

Why Choose Girls schools in India

Maturity & Learning styles

As the study shows girls get matured faster than boys. Means both genders need a different level of education. So that’s why girls schools in India can be the best option for them. Where they can grab the knowledge of people having the same level of maturity.


As you all know that a person feels shy or under-confidence in a different environment and when you are around the same people like yourself you get confident to fulfill their ambitions.

Greater Opportunities

Girls from all-girls schools have access to more opportunities in all the fields girls schools in India provides all of the best facilities to girls so that they can get every opportunity and cross every hurdle. Leadership or self-development girls seize the chance in every single stage of life.

Bright Careers

In girl’s school, they get moral support when they want to pursue any character. In these schools, girls are in every big position that builds their basic foundation for the future. Experiences from the starting of life help them in the future.

Boys boarding schools in India

Boys’ boarding schools in India are a unique, learning environment for boys to develop their character and find their true selves. They need to experience life away from home to build their individual, strong character. All of these factors make them excellent candidates for Boarding schools in India. While there is much concern about sending young boys to boarding schools, the truth is that there are many benefits.

Boy’s boarding schools in India have several advantages for students, parents, and the government. Some of these include:

  1. The residential schools are a good platform to meet other children of their age group.
  2. Opportunities to learn self-discipline, punctuality, and respect towards elders.
  3. Understanding the value of education and how hard one has to work towards it.
  4. Value education over materialistic possessions.
  5. Discipline that they develop in the boarding school can be applied to any situation in life, making them more responsible adults who can take up responsibilities with confidence and conviction.

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