Comparison of Day School and Boarding School

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Competition is fierce. Hence it is important for every individual to start preparing for their goals as early they can. This saying is applicable in every sphere of life irrespective of which field you are in and the same is the case with education and career.

It has become very important for people to prepare a comprehensive and well-planned strategy so that they stay ahead in the race. Keeping this in mind Ecole Globale International Girls’ School was conceived over thought. With the passage of almost 7 years, the school has emerged as one of the best boarding schools in India.

There are many boarding schools in India that offer residential programs to students however Ecole Globale School outperforms all of them as it has adopted and formulated a course curriculum that is prepared by educational specialists.

There are certain points that could be considered why this boarding school has emerged as one of the most preferred choices of education for parents and students. With this article our main aim is to highlight those facts that make boarding schools a better choice than other contemporary programs:

Parents also choose to send their kids to boarding schools because they want them to learn to live on their own (without depending on them). Also, to give them good higher education some parents head towards boarding schools. Today, these schools have become the need of the hour.

Let’s have a glimpse at “Why boarding schools are more preferred over Day schools?”

24*7 supervision

This is what boarding schools do very well. Staff/ faculty look after the children studying and living under the school premises as they become their prime responsibility. Young minds are all-time occupied in learning some of the other new things/skills. They are kept under the high supervision of teachers and even in their free time, they are exposed to study because they are not distracted by their cell phones at all.

Independent living & studying at boarding schools


Students not only go to study but also to live at boarding schools. Living there for years, children learn to live independently. Students studying in boarding schools are in better touch of studies as they live on the campus which is more conducive to learning.

They also spend more of their time learning outside the classrooms than their peers studying in Day schools.

Understanding high priorities in life

Decision-making is one of the attributes that make children smart and self-reliant. It is important to understand priorities in life for personal development. So, it is not just the child or you to decides the kind of school he wants to study in.
The best part is that they can explore various fields in life which ensures their overall personal development in life.

Summer Programs


Boarding schools offer summer programs for students which include rigorous physical training programs and others such as fine arts and computer skills etc. Some of these are open to students from other schools as well. Students are allowed to interact with others.

CONCLUSION: All we can say is that if you are concerned about the career of your child there could be nothing more worthy than boarding school. This is something that every parent should consider off in case they want a true preparatory course for their children.

It’s pretty incredible what a boarding school can offer to students. What else can a parent ask for?

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