The International School, Bangalore

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When it comes to the best boarding schools in Bangalore, The International School is one of them. This residential School in Bangalore is famous for pioneering a child-friendly and vibrant system of learning and revolutionizing boarding schools’ ideas. International School offers quality education to students, along with extracurricular activities.

The school attempts to inspire and challenge every student to nourish and get their full perspective. The International School in Bangalore offers a safe and secure learning ambiance for students to fulfill their dreams and grow into responsible global citizens.

International School Bangalore Students

The International School is one of the renowned boarding schools in India. This co-educational boarding school was set up in the year 2000 by the schools’ Chairman, Dr. K P Gopalkrishna, who is a prominent leader in education. The International School is one of India’s most reputable, selective, independent, international boarding and day schools.

During its 20 year history, The International School, Bangalore delivered consistently high academic standards in both IB and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGSCE) and strived to blend traditional values with a state-of-art, global approach to life and learning. The International School curriculum is vibrant, demanding, and progressive, with the School becoming nationally and internationally well-known as a center of excellence with examination results and college placements to be constantly proud of.

In this boarding school, the students are motivated to see each and every day as an opportunity, a chance to grow and develop, and a chance to be the beginning of something. The School’s curriculum is designed and developed to fit the needs, abilities, interests, and learning styles of the kid instead of the other way round. In this residential School, the whole program is designed to boost each student’s social, physical, motor, and cognitive, emotional, and spiritual growth.


The International School, Bangalore-Infrastructure

The International School, Bangalore, nestled in NAFL Valley, Whitefield area of Bangalore, this School sprawls over 140 acres of greenery. The captivating 140 cares of the campus of this boarding school offers a safe and secure ambiance for students. The lush green atmosphere of this boarding school help students to study more effectively.

It is well-maintained, spacious, and airy classrooms and laboratories for students. Along with this, the other facilities that comprise this boarding school are the Discovery center, Its resource center, English language lab, and many more.

This boarding school comprises three boarding houses, each one being staffed by talented and experienced House staff with the boarding houses speedily becoming a happy home-from-home and peers boarders becoming an extended family. The School also has a small infirmary and canteen and laundry facilities for the advantage of students.


The International School, Bangalore-Faculty

In The International School, the faculty is very helpful and very much familiar with students. The teachers in this residential School treat the students like home and help them in their lives. The faculty of The International School, Bangalore, makes students self-independent and ready them to face the challenges of their life on their own.

The highly-qualified and well-professional teachers of International school gives a world-class education to students, and along with this, they also motivate students to participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities for their all-around growth. This boarding school is the perfect choice for those parents who wish their children to become self-independent and face their life challenges.

At The International School, Bangalore, the pastoral care of students is one of the primary concerns, and the staff of this boarding school is committed to offering a safe and caring ambiance for all students. The staff of both boarding school and teaching are approachable and motivate students to share any issues that may be troubling them. The School has both a part-time independent School Counsellor and a full-time coordinator of Students Welfare who students can talk to on a familiar premise.

Sports Facilities

The International School, Bangalore-Sports Facilities

The International School, Bangalore, believes that academics, sports are also crucial for a student’s life. Sports are an essential part of the curriculum of this residential School. The International School offers a variety of sports facilities for students and aims to serve the diverse and several interests of students.

As an international residential school, this School always maintained high-level facilities for sustaining, growing, and maintaining sports skills among students. This boarding school allows from Kindergarten to Grade 12 students to participate in a wide range of sports and activities and also aim for excellence in competitive team events.

The International School sporting facilities comprise a 25m outdoor swimming pool, a cricket pitch, two tennis courts, a hockey pitch, a volleyball pitch, two wooden and two badminton courts, and two basketball courts. Along with this, The International School also offers gymnastic and fitness suite facilities to students. The several House sporting events regularly form a buzz across the campus, which culminates in the excitement of Sports Day.

Vision And Mission

vision and mission

The International School motive the overall comprehensive growth of students along with state-of-art education, implanting moral and ethical values in the students. Character-building and growth of physical and mental faculties stay one of the major objectives of this residential School. The purpose of this boarding school is to instill a passion for lifelong learning, inspire, and challenge every student to nourish and get their life potential. The International School believes in respect towards students, staff, and the School and encourages relationships based on fun and friendship. This boarding school endeavors constantly to boost the educational provision it delivers through.

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