The Sports School

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The Sports School is India’s first integrated school for sports and academics. It is the only institution in India that integrates sports and education to create the best training ground for tomorrow’s champions.

Parents across the globe face the tough decision to let their kids pursue a career in sports as the traditional education system is not versatile enough to balance sports and academics. But in this school, students can focus on their academics and sports equally. Most of the students are pressurize to quit their sporting dream, identifying the persistence of this problem in India, The Sports School was set up to integrate sports and education.

The Sports School

It is one of the prestigious schools in Bangalore, Karnataka. This school was set up in 2019, a specialized school that integrates education and sports for all students from grade 1 to up. Sports School is a day-cum residential school that follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) from classes 1 to 10.

They also provide pre-university and university-level courses. Sports schools provide an educational curriculum that, rather than only comprising sports, has academics built around sports. In Sports School, the norms of admission depend on the grade.

The Sports School Intro

In this day boarding residential school, the integrated curriculum delivery is designed in a way that, at heart, it becomes completely athlete-friendly. The Sports Schools, a Kalpen Ventures drive in partnership with Jain Group of Institutions (JGI), a 28-year-old educational conglomerate, objectives for a comprehensive approach to educate and guide students. This day boarding school in India believes in taking young sports enthusiasts under our wing to nurture them and support their ambitions. The Sports School motivates students from grade 1 to graduation to balance their pursuit of both sporting and academic excellence.


The Sports School is spread across a lush green 25 acres campus in Bangalore and has an amazing methodology that is intended to furnish students with equal concentration on sports and academics to transform them into well-rounded professionals in the globe of Sports, thereby ensuring that their game becomes universal. The world-class infrastructure and amenities of this day-boarding residential school comprise an unbeatable installation that is exclusively designed to optimize the personal, social, and intellectual growth of young and professional sportspeople.

It is one of the reputed boarding schools in Bangalore that strives to offer students the best modern and advanced sporting and academic infrastructure in India to ready them for the highly competitive world of sports. The Sports School has been designed to create a close-knit ambiance for living, studying, and relaxing.

They are equipped with all state-of-art facilities that will assist a student feel right at home and offer them a comfortable space to unwind after a power-packed day. Along with this, the sports school offers a balanced and nutritious diet for students. The hygienically prepared veg and non-veg food are prepared to make sure it assists help students with increased strength, attention, and focus.


The Sports School Faculty

The Sports School comprises well-experienced and talented educators to offer world-class education to students. The educators of this day-boarding school help students in every field of their life. In Sports School, the students prepare to face each and every challenge of their life on their own.

Innovative educators of this day-boarding school continually work towards creating an engaging curriculum that provides an effective pathway for students to grow their critical as well as creative thinking.

When it comes to a sports team, the sports team of this prestigious school is also highly experienced, and motivated sportspersons, coaches, trainers, administrators work concurrently to make sure The Sports School gets its vision of remodeling young talent into an all-rounded professional in the world of sports.

Sports Facilities

The Sports School Sports Facilities

The Sports School believes that sports are not considered to be a hobby or an extracurricular activity for anyone. Instead, it is now a viable career path for those who represent an interest in unique types of sports and work on them. The Sports School is India’s only institution that concentrates on a sports-driven academic curriculum so that our students can receive training and mentorship in the sports of their choice from a young age then shape them into professionals. In this day-boarding residential school, the sports facilities feature a remarkably functional design, comfortable user facilities, and the ability to enlarge per requirements.

In Sports School, the infrastructure is equipped with all the needs to host national and international level sporting events. This school is equipped with state-of-art facilities that aid the students to elevate their everyday life and offer a comfortable space to pursue their passion. There are several sports facilities offered by this school, such as I center tennis court, six synthetic tennis courts, two practice clay tennis courts, 12 wooden indoor synthetic badminton courts, 108m by 68m football field, International standard 65m natural turf cricket grounds, and 2 FIBA standard Basketball courts. Along with this, The Sports School also comprises a state-of-art gymnasium for students.

Vision And Mission

Vision and mission

The Sports Schools were set up with the vision to integrate sports and education to motivate young sports enthusiasts and support professional athletes. The Sports school takes complete pride in campus training, reaching, and amenities. The united educational experience offered by this school prepares the well-rounded professional who is both excellent at their game when being academically outstanding. This school aims to be the center for the training and growth of young sports minds and help them evolve into becoming full-fledged professionals in the sports industry. This day-boarding residential school also aims to encourage the talent and parents all over the nation to consider sports as a more feasible option than a hobby, without compromising the quality of academics.

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