Benefits of Technology in The Classroom

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It is important to acknowledge that students are already interested and occupied in utilizing technology. This opens many amazing opportunities for schools and teachers to benefit from integrating some forms of technology in the classroom and to make teaching and learning more effective & increasingly powerful. Most of the schools in Dehradun are equipped with smart-classrooms. Here are some of the main benefits of using technology in the classroom.

1. Benefit for Teachers


Technology can help in improving the teaching & learning process with various online resources & assets. Teachers can use different applications or trusted online resources to improve the traditional ways of teaching and to keep students more engaged. Virtual lesson plans, grading software, reviewing programming, and online assessments can enable teachers to save a great deal of time.

This important time can be utilized for working with students who are struggling. In addition to this, having virtual learning conditions in schools improves joint collaborative effort and information sharing between teachers.

2. Encouragement in Community Learning



Students can practice collaboration skills & aptitudes by engaging in various online exercises. For example, dealing with various activities by teaming up with others on discussions or by sharing reports on their virtual learning situations. Technology can encourage collaboration with students in the same classroom; same school and even with other classrooms (different study halls) around the globe.

3. Improvement in Student-Teacher Engagement



When technology is integrated into lessons, students are expected/ required to be more interested in the subjects they are studying. Technology gives various chances to make learning fun and enjoyable in terms of teaching the same things in new ways. For example, delivering teaching through gamification, taking students on virtual field trips/ excursions, and utilizing other internet learning assets (online learning resources). Additionally, technology can encourage & support increasingly dynamic cooperation in the learning process which can be difficult to achieve through a traditional lecture environment.

4. Students learn useful life skills


Using technology in the classroom, both students, as well as teachers, can develop useful skills that are essential for the twenty-first century. Students can get or learn skills that are necessary to be fruitful throughout life. Modern learning is all about working with others, solving complex issues, basic reasoning, critical thinking, developing different forms of communication and leadership skills, and improving motivation and productivity as well as efficiency.

Additionally, technology can help develop many practical skills, including creating presentations, learning to figure/ find or differentiate out how to separate dependable from untrustworthy sources on the Internet, keeping up appropriate online behavior, and composing messages & emails. These are significant aptitudes/ skills that can be created in the classroom.

5. Students Learn at Their Own Pace

The present technology empowers students to learn at their own pace. For instance, practically all applications allow for individualized instruction. Students can learn as per their capacities and requirements. This form of teaching is also great for the teacher since it allows him/her to work individually with students who might be struggling.

6. Instant Access to Knowledge


The Internet gives students instant access to answers beyond what’s in their textbooks. Today’s kids are already familiar with “Google” to find answers to questions. The gift of the internet to the classroom gives teachers the chance to give their students a holistic view of any given subject while still guiding students to find the right sources. In-classroom internet research allows teachers to teach their students how to assess the quality of the information they find online while removing the one-sided restrictions of a textbook.

7. Improvement in Retention Rate

Students also believe that technology helps them retain information better. According to a study, these students may be on to something. Eighteen 2nd grade students were challenged to complete a PowerPoint project about an animal. Sixteen out of the 18 students remembered more facts about the animal after completing the presentation. These results show that technology indeed helps students remember what they learn.

These are some of the advantages of using technology in the classroom.

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