7 Best Boarding Schools in India

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7 Best Boarding Schools in India With Fees, Location & All Details

Boarding Schools in India are the alma mater of many successful Indians. Parents send their children to board when they wish to receive a better education. There are many schools to choose from, from one of the best boarding schools in India. But which School is the best? Until now, there’s been no objective standard till now that can decide which School is best for your kid. We created this list of the top 7 boarding schools considering various factors such as the strength of computer labs, and the percentage of outstanding results between classes 10 and 12.

These schools provide superior infrastructure and facilities, making them one of the best educational institutes in the country. The best part about these schools is that they provide students with the necessary resources to excel in their studies. Moreover, the boarding schools also offer various extracurricular activities such as sports and arts, which help students stay fit and healthy. They provide a good reputation as most of the well-known institutions in India permit admission to international students.

Here are the top 7 boarding schools in India:

The Asian School

Founded in: 2000

School Board: CBSE

Contact: +91 1352761860

Website: www.theasianschool.net

Address: Asian Acres, Vasant Vihar, Dehradun

Fee: The total fees of classes XI & XII for the academic year 2022-23 is Rs. 1,80500/- per term. The total costs include Tuition fees, Hostel & Mess fees, and other charges like Development fees, Sports fees, Library fees, etc.

Asian School Dehradun

The Asian School is one of the renowned schools in India. The Asian School was founded in 2000 to provide education to children from all sections of society and all religions. They aim to develop each student’s personality through a holistic education system that is based on a solid foundation of values.

This School aims to provide quality education to all its students to compete with others confidently anywhere in the world. They provide an excellent learning environment in which each student can grow as an individual while at the same time being given every opportunity to develop their talents and abilities.

Mayo College Ajmer

Founded in: 1875

School Board: CBSE

Contact: 01452661154

Website:  www.mayocollege.com

Address: Srinagar Road, Ajmer

Fee: The School’s prices are based on the student’s age and grade level. School fees for younger students are lower than those for older students, with an average annual cost of approximately Rs 7,66,500.

The Mayo College Ajmer is a boys-only independent Boarding school in India. It is reflected in its ranking among the top schools in India by several media publications. The School also provides its students with various facilities for extracurricular activities such as sports and games like cricket, football, basketball, etc., and a debating club, which encourages students to participate in debates on current affairs. This school aims to provide an excellent education to young boys from all across India while also providing moral and spiritual guidance that they need during their formative years.

The campus covers an area of 183 acres with lush green surroundings and well-maintained gardens. Their primary aim of Mayo College is to provide its students with an environment that promotes academic excellence, cultural awareness, and spiritual growth. The School has a rich heritage that dates back over 150 years. The School’s motto is “Let there be light.”

The Doon School

School Board: IB

Founded in: 1935

Contact: +91-135-2526400,

Website: www.doonschool.com

Address: Mall Road, Krishna Nagar, Dehradun

Fee: The school fee for 2022-2023 is Rs. 10,75,000/- per annum.

The Doon School has an excellent reputation in India and across the world. It is one of India’s best boarding schools in Dehradun with an ideal academic record in competitive examinations. They are also known for their unique sports program that includes playing badminton, basketball, and cricket on campus and participating in other sports competitions outside of campus as swimming meets or track meets against other schools.

The Doon School is known for its rigorous academics and demanding extracurriculars, emphasizing creative pursuits like music and art. And because it’s a boarding school, students get to live on campus for at least two years—and some stay much longer!

Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

School Board: CISCE

Founded in: 1859

Contact: 0177 262 0880

Website: www.bishopcottonshimla.com

Address: Shimla Bypass, Khalini, Shimla

Fee: Bishop Cotton School, Shimla fee structure started from 10,55,000.

Bishop Cotton School Shimla

Bishop Cotton School, Shimla is one of Asia’s oldest boys boarding schools. This helps them develop their personality and hone their skills in handling difficult situations gracefully. It imparts education to students through its well-structured curriculum. They encourage them to take up different co-curricular activities like sports, music, dance, etc., to become well-rounded individuals with excellent communication skills and analytical abilities. It strives to achieve this by providing an environment where children can be themselves, develop their abilities and talents, and become responsible citizens of the world.

Love Dale Residential School

School Board: CBSE

Founded in: 1998

Contact: 0470 2621910

Website: www.lovedaleschool.com

Address: Perumkulam, Alamcode Trivandrum – 695102

Fee: The fee structure of Love Dale Residential School varies from 4160 to 8150, which depends upon the class of students.

Love Dale Residential School was established in 1998. The School is designed to provide students with a safe, structured environment where they can learn life skills, develop friendships, improve communication skills and explore their interests while having fun in a caring environment.

We aim to provide holistic development in all academic, social, and emotional spheres of life.
The School provides quality education with a focus on academics and extracurricular activities that ensure the child’s holistic development. This School caters to students from rural and urban India; it accepts admission applications from across the country irrespective of caste, creed, or religion.

The Scindia School

School Board: CBSE

Founded in: 1897

Fee: 12 lakhs/year

Contact: 0751 248 0750

Website: https://www.scindia.edu/

Address: Gwalior Fort, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474008

The Scindia School’s motto is ‘Strive to Excel.’ The School’s mission statement is ‘To provide an education that will help pupils realize their potential and make them good citizens. The School offers students an environment that enables them to achieve academic excellence. While providing them with opportunities to develop their interests in other areas such as music and sports.

It has a campus of around 110 acres in Gwalior city with facilities for outdoor games and sports such as football, hockey, cricket, basketball, and athletics. Scindia School offers education to students worldwide and imparts them the best possible education in academics and sports. It offers classes from VI to 12th standard. The School has produced some exceptional students who have gone on to pursue their careers in various fields.

Ecole Globale International Girls School

School Board: CBSE

Founded in: 2012

Contact: +91-9557291888

Website: www.ecoleglobale.com

Address: Village Horawalla, Near Sahaspur Dehradun – 248197

Fee: The Annual School fee of Ecole Globale is approx 712,800.

Ecole globale school dehradun

Ecole Globale is one of the best Girl’s schools in India and offers excellent infrastructure, teachers, and facilities to the students. Ecole Globale was established with a vision to provide quality education at affordable rates without compromising on standards. It has achieved this through its rigorous admission procedure and stringent policies regarding discipline and academic excellence. The School believes that every student has an equal opportunity for success regardless of their social status or economic background.

This Girl’s School in India provides education from 4th to 12th grade and boarding facilities for international students worldwide. They provide a stimulating environment for learning where students get to explore their interests through projects, field trips, workshops, and other activities. The teachers at this school are dedicated to teaching and guiding students to be well-prepared for their future careers or studies abroad.

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