Convent of Jesus And Mary Dehradun

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Convent of Jesus and Mary is one of the best boarding schools in Dehradun. Convent of Jesus and Mary High School, better known as CJM Dehradun, was opened in 1901. It is nestled in the gorgeous Doon Valley’s exquisite surroundings. This Dehradun school is known for academic achievement, learning skills, and character development.

Convent of Jesus and Mary: CJM

It follows the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (ICSE). The school’s academic year starts in April and ends in March of the subsequent year.

With the intention of promoting Catholic education and the preservation of Catholic religion and spiritual conventions, J&M Dehradun Educational Society, an institution of Christian minorities, established the Convent of Jesus & Mary School. Catholic students will be given first priority for admission to the school. Students from other communities, however, will be welcomed without reference to caste or creed.

Convent of Jesus And Mary schools Dehradun

The school has a strong academic record and is regarded as one of the best schools in Dehradun. CJM Dehradun is a boarding school that also provides day schooling to pupils, as well as decent dorm amenities and nutritious meals. Classes are available from LKG to 12th grade. The school focuses on the kids’ entire character development and seeks to help them develop stronger morals and personalities. The empowerment of female students is also promoted heavily among female pupils.

Physical Training For Students

Physical education, games, and sports are all required components of the school curriculum. If a student requires an exemption from physical training or games, a medical certificate from an authorised/M.B.B.S. doctor must be shown. Those pupils who are not required to participate in physical training or games must remain in class during P. T. sessions. On the games field, the Games Referee is the only management, and his or her decision is definitive.

Lack of punctuality regularly, disobedience to the Referee or Games Captain, or unsporting behavior on the field are all grounds for a player’s suspension from games, and if the crime is severe, the player will be banned from Inter-House or Inter-School matches. Students who participate in Inter-House or Inter-School athletics and games must pay extra attention to their schoolwork.

Parents-School Relationship

Collaboration between parents and school officials is critical to a child’s overall success in school. It is therefore critical that parents fulfill their roles as collaborative educators with school authorities by teaching noble ideas, a feeling of excellent discipline, and courteous behavior to their children.

House System

The School’s cultural life is promoted by the motivation given to extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, which is an important component of its organization. These activities are intended to foster leadership traits, a sense of duty, and a spirit of collaboration and service. The House System is the backbone of the organization. St. Claudine, St. Francis, St. Joseph, and St. Clare are the houses.

Convent of Jesus And Mary school students Dehradun

School Discipline 

Everyone is expected to arrive at school by 8.10 a.m. in the winter and 7.40 a.m. in the summer. The students should walk quickly and silently to the Assembly location at the first sound of the bell. Late students will be considered those who are not in place by the second bell. In the school journal, a record of late attendance will be kept. Students who arrive late to school regularly will be sent home.

During class hours, teachers and students must take a special effort to keep an environment of quiet and serious work. Outside the Principal’s Office, the Library, the Staff Room, and the passageways, strict silence is required. Every girl should keep in mind that her behavior in and out of school reflects her home and school. She should act in a way that is commensurate with her status as a child of God and a student of the Convent of Jesus and Mary.

Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission

This boarding school in Dehradun aspires to promote the all-round development of the student in terms of her assimilation to the environment and personal growth by working closely with parents and educational agencies. Convent of Jesus and Mary prepares its students for productive involvement in society’s most important social unit – the family – to equip them to live in a modern civilized world through environmental adaptation. To teach her how to spend her free time wisely, balancing enjoyable activities with those that are essential. To be qualified for appropriate employment that will enable her to make a significant contribution to her community, as well as to be prepared for active democratic involvement in roles great and small.

Through education, the Convent of Jesus and Mary strives to assist students in becoming fully integrated individuals through spiritual and moral formation, physical and intellectual development, artistic and cultural development, and emotional and social development.

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