Doon Public School

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Doon Public School is one of the prestigious and best boarding schools in Delhi NCR, which incorporates the very best in educational practices, supported and driven by a philosophy of education that is diverse and still really advanced. The school is housed in an impressive red brick framework with amazing features and is currently celebrating its “39 years” of services to the country. To maintain pace with the technological progress and move into the 21st century, the school has presented computer-aided learning in all factors of learning and teaching to increase the effectiveness of the procedure.

This school appreciates the remarkable differences of existing the first school in the country to have a Computer Aided Teaching and Learning System, the smart class, utilizing Plasma Screens with SAS (Smart Assessment System) in all the classes. Besides existing ranked among the best ten public schools in Delhi NCR, the school also flatters itself in the distinction of being granted the best schools in Delhi NCR by the Outlook Magazine. SAS is a remarkable piece of equipment that immediately permits teachers to observe and assess the learning gained by learners.

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The school is coming under the CBSE and has acquitted itself well with the outstanding board outcomes year by year. The students have worked respectively in the CBSE exam and have been ranked among the best 0.1% at the all-India level. Their previous students are successfully put in very prominent educational also corporate units around the globe.

The entry point welcomes the young and uninformed kids into pre-nursery whereas at the time of their graduate school’s vibrant doon students are filled with knowledge and understanding, sufficient to furnish them to venture on the journey of independent adulthood. Marching forward on the road to success, powered by a really advanced philosophy of education. This best boarding schools in Delhi NCR thoroughly possesses a mirror to a brilliant and glorious future.


Smart Assessment System is a remarkable piece of equipment that permits teachers to access and consider the learning gained by learners. The system is formed for the learners to answer Multiple Choice Questions in the classroom. Students responded to the test with a strong full hand-possessed remote instrument by pressing the right button.

The data applying to every student is stored and the application permits the teachers to produce a broad array of reports with respect to the entire class and also every particular student. The SAS would advantage learners in the long run by enhancing their pace and cognitive attention throughout the exams.

Smart class is a great interactive tool that enhances learning. Through the smart classes, teachers utilize digital sources like videos, maps, animation, diagrams, working models, graphs, and more, from the huge storage, while teaching the selected topic in the classroom making capable students obtain a quicker and better comprehending of the idea taught. Through the internet, teachers to detail sources far outside the physical boundaries of the classroom and give the apparent globe within the classroom’s walls hence significantly enhancing the knowledge base for practical utilization in learning and teaching.


Math lab formed a climate for student-centered exploratory. This is all about learning, imagining, verifying ideas in a fun manner. This teaches learning through involved reasoning. This learner’s centric strategy to math assists each student imagines, interacting, and investigating efficiently. The many learning and teaching help includes technology apps, manipulative & measuring equipment, videos, charts, tables, etc.

Hostel Facility 

Delhi is deemed as the education center in the country and has several schools competing among a few of the best schools in India. Hence, so many kids come to Delhi looking to teach quality education par superiority. This school is one of the English-medium and the best boarding school in Delhi NCR catering to impart quality education amongst the youth with the target to grow adequate performance. They identify the requirement of non-Delhi residential children who demands a better norm of education and hence, give hostel features for such learners.

The school comprehends that residing away from home in a new atmosphere is a difficult job for any kid and adjusting to the new climate may not be simple for them. Although, the school makes sure that in a life change of a student from living a house life to hostel shows to be a simple one. The school that gives the best hostel services has gained a standard of being counted amongst a few of the reputed hostel schools in the country.

The School is considered one of the most suitable residential schools in Delhi, giving on-campus residential features for learners. Their hostel features include all the advanced amenities that assist in making the hostel climate consistent for hostellers. Their hostel staff is committed, collaborative, productive, and makes sure to give a convenient study and work atmosphere hence their hostellers are limited to be good workers not only scholastically, but also in co-curricular activities.

Vision and Mission 


Doon Public School sets the targets at imparting quality education through holistic, spiritual, and scholastic approaches in its purpose of superiority in all sectors. In this era of freedom and globalization, this prepares students to have a leading border more than others to connect with the worldwide view with the best of education technology.

The school makes sure physical, moral, and mental development of the learners via training in collaboration, team confidence, carefulness, and service, therefore increasing their mental horizon. The school grows and evolves the aesthetic sense of the students and channelizes their youthful energy into activities for a lifetime of a happy and healthy mindset.



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