Apollo International School Dehradun

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Since it was formed in 1999, Apollo International School is the best boarding school in Dehradun, which has executed its own original educational way by concentrating on the invention of a next-era leader with great purposes and humanity. The school is constantly set the target to evolve a paramount sense of director, like, internationalism, scientific insight, and encouraging altruistic endeavors. Stand as a leader with a well-developed “Knowledge” Thought is rubbed by self-reflection and answers and knowledge is sharpened by experiences.

Apollo International School Infrastructure

Through the joy of learning, learners open up to a broad view and can obtain the capabilities to make exact determinations. They also hoped to carry a feeling of independence and education achievement. Stand as a leader with great humanity challenge to a desire, invention, and contribution. Not just to evolve a sense of independence and humanity, but furthermore, by cultivating appreciation through different experiences our students can evolve. It is our educational way and this is how we increase a next-generation leader with great purposes and humanity.


Apollo International School has been modeled to feature the best academic services and improve the all-around evolvement of kids. This will give teaching that relies on Indian culture but in the finest physical climate and infrastructure. This will give teaching that trusts in Indian culture but in the finest physical climate and infrastructure. All classrooms are colorful, aesthetically formed, and technically prepared for a learning climate. The school campus ground is great and ample enough.

Apollo International School Students

An elegant architecture contemplates the imagination of kids as well as a concern for convenience, the school building is as awe-encouraging as this can get. The school is filled with excellent amenities. This is the finest a student can get elsewhere throughout the world.

Huge, ample classrooms with some students become a perfect location for the students to provide a flight to the imagination. They are inspired to do so. The positive vibes that a student anybody can sense within the walls can make learning here joy and illuminating, instead of a difficult task.

The multi-objective hall is a stunning addition to get the finest in the kids. This resolves the objective of the auditorium, examination hall along with meeting space. With a classy formation, the school hall creates an ideal climate where learners can explore themselves.


The ample grounds of the school are amazingly landscaped with carefully chosen trees, bushes, and flowering plants, making a greeting climate and giving enjoyable meeting spots for students throughout breaks. Apollo International School allows its learners to learn and excel in a broad range of sporting-related activities.

Apollo International School Sports

The learners include themselves in different indoor as well as outdoor activities by maintaining the concept in mind that – The healthy brain stays in a healthy body. These comprise football, volleyball, athletics, throwball, cricket, basketball, badminton, chess, and table tennis. There’s a committed time set aside every day to follow these activities.


The school has well-furnished laboratories for chemistry, mathematics, physics, computer science, and biology. These labs provide the learners with wider practical experience to increase the theoretical lessons learned in the classroom.

The school is furnished with a committed high-speed internet connection to assist the kids to access the internet. Computer labs of the Apollo International School are completely furnished with advanced computers and the IT curriculum has been so planned that computers become an integral part of the learning procedure.

Kids learn different software and graphics packages in the junior classes. In the bigger classes, the kids have a choice to learn modern software. The website of the school is a great source of information for the kids, parents, and future learners.

Vision and Mission 

In order to get our vision in a climate of kindness, love, and discipline with students, parents, and academic schedule. The schools adopt an adaptable approach to learning integrating domestic and international views. The mission is to encourage educational excellence, a balanced life, and responsible individuals of the nation and the globe.

To stand as an amazing school that gives the finest of academics in the formative years by combining culture and religion and utilizing advanced technological equipment, taught by greatly qualified faculty to deliver the finest individuals of the globe.

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