Dehradun World School 

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Dehradun World School 

The Dehradun World School is a reputed and the best boarding school in Dehradun. The school is regulated by the CISCE, a co-ed school formed in 2008 to give an advanced education system and encouraging climate where every student can evolve intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually.

In a short duration, the school has made a status of giving an excellent education norm and discipline among its learners. The school is a bold industry by IIT Delhi alumni and teachers to impart the sort of education. It would create the kid skilled sufficient to take on examinations for major institutions in India and foreign.


The campus recognizes the great norms formed by the CISCE, New Delhi. The school gives advanced education with a specific focus on honorable and moral values that assists in promoting the character of a kid, patience, and understanding.


Learners are ready for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination and for conducted by the council for the ISCE, New Delhi. These examinations have local and global recognition and have a specific benefit in that they have a basic syllabus in all Anglo-Indian and listed schools across the nation. Except in the teaching of other languages, English is the medium of guidance during school, but Hindi is provided equal significance.

The Hindi textbooks utilized are the same as in the corresponding classes of Hindi Medium Schools. In the activities formed to evolve proficiency in speaking, like concerts, debates, and plays, Hindi is utilized as freely as English for literary work. Specific focus on science, for the teaching of which there would stand three furnished labs and three skilled science teachers, and a demonstrator.

School Library 

School library aids to improve self-study and evolving reading habits amongst the learners so that they can learn and appreciate the richness of literature. The school has a catch house of information and vision. There are weekly magazines and regular newspapers for kids to evolve the habit of reading newspapers. The school library desires to become one of the finest libraries in the city in the coming future. Currently, the library has over 3000 volumes of distinct reference and non-reference books.

The Primary Wing 

The school has begun its first phase of building with a primary block – k

ids zone, giving a perfect climate for little kids to learn whilst they play. The huge classrooms for the students with spacious teaching help to add the pleasure of studying in the school. The audio-visual room with a TV music system and projector gives a climate of learning by watching and doing.


Specific care has been taken to make this block by forming a headmistress room at a corner where kids’ activities can stand supervised anytime. The classrooms have specific conditions to take specific care of kids such as watching through doors, no sharp corners in the room, and more to make the class a safe and secure spot.


Students are inspired to take part actively in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. They would stand assisted to relish the great cultural heritage of India through training in fine Arts, Dance, Music, drama, and more. Kids would be ready for the ICSE. All learners are encouraged to draw carve, paint, and work with clay, cartoons, models, and collage.


In order to foster healthy competition, the campus is split into 4 houses Aravalli, Karakoram, Nilgiri, and Vindyachal to organize competitive programs of games, debates, sports, poetry, essay writing, storytelling, and quiz. The campus has a catch house of truths and vision.

Vision and Mission 

Dehradun World Schools set the target to stand as a unit of excellence dedicated to generating the leaders of the future. Our target is to give a climate in which the learners can commit themselves to academics and human values to become responsible and valuable individuals of India finding and understanding their complete potential. The school targets to stand a spot of fun, learning, and development for the students.


Hence, our mission is to give top-quality academics that are affordable and give a forum that would assist the kids in getting higher targets in life by getting into professional units of the country. The learning procedure would not stand limited to formal classroom formation alone. The campus is giving will give advanced education methods with a specific focus on instilling virtuous and honorable values.

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