Parent’s Guide to Best Residential School in India 

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Education is the foremost concern for any parent across the globe. It is a significant decision that needs to be taken accurately for the future growth of their wards. It is that one decision that will shape their child’s personality. Choosing the right school is now dependent on various factors except from only academic excellence. In today’s time, where the education industry is witnessing new heights, it has become a difficult decision for parents to go for the best school for their child. 

Nowadays, parents also consider other facilities to enroll their children in the best residential schools in India. Parents also look after a nurturing environment for their kids so that the overall mindset and personality of the kid are enhanced. 

Let’s evaluate what are residential schools and some of the main factors that parents take into consideration while enrolling their children in boarding schools. 

Overview of Residential Schools

The residential schools are the campuses that not only provide academic instruction but also a place for students to reside inside the premises. The faculty and staff look after the well-being of the children. Thus, the campus is responsible for the personal growth and academic excellence of the child. This is the reason why boarding school selection becomes a difficult task for all parents.  

Factors Considered by Parents While Choosing the Residential Schools in India 

There are some of the key points that parents should be concerned about during their child’s admission to the residential school. Let’s evaluate the factors. 

  1. Academic Excellence

The first and foremost point to be considered by parents while boarding school selection is the academic aspect of the institution. This can be determined by having a look at their previous results and robust curriculum. The school should prepare the student in accordance with future prospects. 

The staff and faculty of the schools should be well qualified and dedicated to ensuring the creativity and critical thinking of the students. 

2. Co-Curricular Activities 

The institution should be able to provide all the extracurricular activities for other growth aspects of the children. All the top boarding schools have all kinds of activities such as dance, sports, art, debates, singing, etc. These skills not only enhance a child’s personality but also boost their confidence to the next level. The students learn more about leadership skills and teamwork. 

Parents need to keep in mind this point so that their children do not lag behind in the overall growth. 

3. Location and Environment  

Among all the top Indian boarding schools, the school with the best location and environment needs to be chosen for a better living. Parents should be aware of factors such as nature, regular climate, and easy access to other important things. The location should be away from the crowd and noises of metro cities and should provide a peaceful environment for students to study and reside.

4. Infrastructures and Facilities

The best residential schools in India have all the infrastructural amenities to keep up with the needs of the students inside the campus. The school must ensure good well-maintained classrooms and should have recreational areas for students. There should be a library with essentials and all the latest books. 

For the other needs, there should be clean washrooms that are hygienic for the students to keep them disease-free. Dining halls should be provided for a better dining experience. The main aim is to keep your ward safe and comfortable in the residential school India

5. Other Facilities and Support 

The boarding school is another home for students and it should cater to all kinds of needs of the students. The staff should be kind enough to listen to the problems of students and provide them with immediate support. The support services should be available all the time. 

Parents need to keep in mind this factor so that the emotional and social needs of the students do not get ignored. 

6. Financial Considerations 

The cost of the boarding school should be equivalent to the education and amenities provided by the institution. Every cost needs to be considered whether it is tuition fees, additional costs, or the cost of books and uniforms. Everything needs to be evaluated beforehand. 

Also, look for if the institution provides scholarships and other incentives to their top students. These all are the essential points that make them one of the best residential schools in India.


Considering all the factors properly, parents should be able to make the right choice when choosing a residential school in India. The school should fulfill all the needs of students and provide them with constant support as they are away from home. Dehradun comes across as the best location for a residential school India to enroll your child. The place has the best environment and nature that will enhance the overall growth of any child. 

Some of the residential schools in Dehradun like The Doon School and Welham Boys’ School have earned a great reputation in the field of academic excellence that prepares children for new heights in higher education and future difficulties. 

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