Online Or Offline Classes In 2021 -22

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Last year everything was halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, whether it is offices, colleges, or schools. When it comes to schools, session 2019-2020 was completely online; no students from class Nursery to 8th went to school. The next session will start, so the biggest question in everyone’s mind is Online or Offline classes in 2021-22?

We all know how the whole world is facing difficulties due to Covid-19. The pandemic has changed the education sector; it has pushed optimization in delivery ways. Schools and education institutions have been forced to move online. A new normal has been created, and it is teaching online. When the traditional offline ways of teaching are applied online, they threaten the success of the training.

Several problems come when moved offline to online learning; how does one offer informal social interactions, make sure student attention, or even make sure active participation? Most of the schools or other institutions struggle with these since neither their teaching material addresses this nor have they had training on this.

The schools the nation had shut last March across the country when the pandemic struck. Some of them reopened partially in a few states from October. But, schools in most other states continue to remain closed. As the COVID-19 cases are still rising day by day, no classroom learning has taken place at the primary and middle levels.

All current students of Nursery to class 2nd shall be promoted to the next class in academic session 2021-2022. The motive of this assessment is to understand the impact of an alternate learning approach that is required to be adopted under prevailing conditions.

No Further Offline Classes Till Next Order 

No Further Offline Classes Till Next Order 

Most of the boarding schools in India called students of classes X and XII for physical classes for the academic session 2020-2021 for academic guidance and support for mid-term exams/ pre-board exams/ annual exams/ broad exams, practical exams, project work, or internal assessment. In these cases, the parent’s consent will be a must.

So due to the rising in the COVID-19 cases, it is again clarified that the students of any class should not be called physically in school for the academic session 2021-2022 till further orders. But teaching-learning activities may be commenced from April 1, 2021, for the students through online mode for the academic session 2021-22.

It also declared that the DOE circular issued on March 16 concerning examination and declaration of results was binding on the government, Government-aided, and private schools. As per the circular, the classes for students of classes 3rd to 8th were to start from April 1. For those getting promoted to classes 10th and 12th, it will start from July 1.

Which One Is Better Online Learning Or Offline Learning 

Which One Is Better Online Learning Or Offline Learning

One question that comes to mind is which method is better, online or offline learning. Choosing between offline learning and online learning could be a daunting task. Attending online classes every day has become the new normal for students throughout the lockdown period. As schools were shut because of the lockdown to prevent coronavirus spread, the online class has taken center stage in student’s life now. There are many benefits of online classes like flexibility, a lot of choices, cost benefits, and comfort, but students also become lazy due to online classes.

When it comes to offline learning, a teacher could pay more attention to students; along with this, students would focus more on studies, in offline learning, more interaction between students and teachers. In traditional or offline learning, the probability is high as other students learn along and share knowledge. It’s the right method of education where there is the involvement of individuals giving and getting knowledge without obstruction. And this is accomplished in a traditional offline classroom.

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