How To Deal With Exam Stress & Anxiety

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Are your exams coming up? Are you feeling anxious or are anxious about your exams?

Sometimes the pressure you feel can help in keeping you focused. Other times it can cause stress. These tips will help you cope with stress during exam time.

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What does exam stress look like?

Some signs of stress include:

  • Losing touch with friends
  • Feeling confused, moody, and low
  • Having trouble making decisions
  • Feeling overwhelmed or sick
  • Lack of motivation to do anything
  • Trouble sleeping or getting out of bed
  • Tensed muscles or frequent headache
  • Having an upset/ irregular stomach
  • Nail biting, teeth grinding

How to beat exam stress

Schools in Dehradun will help you to figure it out and guide you. It’s never too late to adopt & start following up on good study habits. Here are some useful ideas for you that will help overcome exam stress:

1. Limit phone usage

Who would have ever thought of your mobile could have caused the stress?

It is a well-known fact that the overuse of mobile phones not only causes stress but can also have a worse impact on your mental health.

Forest, Moment, Off time, etc. are some apps that are built to help students for focusing more on sties while cutting time to social media.

2. Reduce the intake of fast foods 

Eat a well-balanced diet. Your diet must include lots of fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, cereals, pulses, grains, nuts, and proteins, which are all good for the brain and in increasing energy levels. Stay away from fast foods like burgers, pizza, samosa, etc. as these types of junk food bring a sudden burst of energy and then fall apart quickly, leaving you feeling worn out at the time of examinations. Also, limit the intake of sugary & processed foods.

3. Learn & apply time management techniques 

It is true that Time & tide waits for none.”

A study involving students revealed that those who had been taught time management techniques showed lower levels of exam-related anxiety than those who had not. Effective time management includes getting enough rest and a good night’s sleep which leaves you feeling more energized so that you’re able to focus when studying. Managing your time well helps you to avoid feeling overwhelmed, so you’ll be less stressed. Boarding schools in India focuses on good manner and time management.

4. Note down the things

Read something for leisure/ pleasure. Noting down essential facts & points helps to remember everything possible. Just make it a daily habit of writing whatever is being taught in class

It has been proved that working on or doing the writing assignment significantly/ efficiently improves the students’ scores in exams. Merely writing down about your worries & the problematic areas before an exam can boost up your grades.

5. Don’t do multi-task

Multi-tasking at a single time is not good for your health as it increases your heart rate and blood pressure and causes stress. Doing several tasks at once may seem like an efficient use of your time, but multitasking wastes time and reduces the quality of your work.

6. Get proper sleep

Studying for a long duration is uneasy, tedious & tiresome. When it cuts into your usual hours of sleep, stress level productively increases. Stress and sleep play a one-way relationship with each other. Stress can make it more challenging to sleep silently with a peaceful mind. It can lead to sleeping disorders. At the same time, getting a good night’s sleep reduces the effects of stress. Taking a good night’s sleep is a must for all & especially for students. It gives your brain time to relax, recharge, and remember what you have learned.

7. Practice Yoga & Meditation daily

Give an appropriate time to allow your body to rest yourself. You can also try out some relaxation activities like deep breathing, meditation, or listening to music.

Cut back on energy drinks as they can increase nerves. Instead, drink lots of water! Stick to a routine to give time by eating and sleeping at around the same time e every day. If you feel like you are struggling a lot, talk to some experts.


Last but not least,   if you’re feeling stressed about exams, you are not alone. Several other students are facing the same problem as yours. Talk to them as you might find solutions to your queries.

Talking to someone and finding ways to cope up during exam time can help you. Passing an exam isn’t a part of a story. There is always a second chance to reach up your goals.

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