Best apps for university students

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Modern technology has advanced its ways. There is an app instead of various apps for almost everything. This makes life easier, cheaper, safer & more comfortable. For students, it is easy to

Today, we are introducing you to the 20 best apps for University Students. Here are some of the students’ favorite apps that help in making their life easier whether from taking better notes, solving tough maths problems/science equations, staying in touch with university/college professors & teachers, or revising.

Because when it comes to studying, we get lost in notes, thoughts & ideas. For helping our students, we bring them those helpful apps which will bring out that desired productive results out. These best applications for understudies are the ones that can rearrange your life and make it simple while making your school time progressively pleasant ever.

Note Taking Apps

Google Keep


Bibliography Apps

If you’ve ever spent writing a hefty amount of bibliographies, you’ll know just how much work goes in while making sure you’ve included all the information at the right places in the right format. So, it’s enough now as we came up with the best bibliography helping apps for you.

Easy bib

An extremely useful app for students which creates an academic reference of a book simply by scanning the barcode of the book. This great app offers help in referencing MLA, APA, Chicago styles. Simply take pictures of the barcode or just type the name/title of the book on your device, hurrah professional bibliography is done!

Cloud Storage

Google Drive

Saves & stores all of your documents so that your work will be restored & safe in case your laptop may crashes. In this, you can also work in offline mode in a document with your classmates. You can easily share notes or send them to your teacher/ professor


Reading Apps

Good reads

Kindle Download it here

Presentation Apps


Haiku Deck

Apple store:


Content Curation Apps

Scoop it


It becomes easy to highlight a passage in the book for studying later. But what about when you’re web browsing? Diigo is an app you can easily download from here :

Task Management Apps


Microsoft To-Do

Works consistently over all gadgets, from Android to iPhone, to Kindle Fire, Chromebook, and the sky is the limit from there. Clients (understudies) can even include hashtags, put remarks, due dates (as an update) to their whole daily agenda through Microsoft to do.

Personal Organization Apps

Fantastic 2

Google Calendar

News Aggregating Apps



Start utilizing one of the helpful bookmarking applications to monitor those numerous articles which you need to peruse later. You can also read items in online or offline mode in a mobile-optimized view. Your substance is anything but difficult to arrange and sort, you can get to it from any of your favored gadgets. Additionally, message-to-discourse innovation implies that you can hear it out if you need it.

Isn’t it great to have applications/apps for college & university students rather than those for draft or jobs?

Study smartly with these best student apps that can be downloaded easily on your smartphones, tablets, PCs, and even laptops. Become more beneficial than you were ever previously!


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