Benefits of Group Study

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Studies are an essential part of our daily life. From a small age, a child is engaged in studies & it continues till lifelong. The nature of study & examination is based on understanding a concept.

Study Group Definition

A group of children joining in the study that meets to understand a particular subject & reporting their findings or queries is termed as a study group.

Advantages of Group Study

a well run group study program

In a well-run study group, members speed up their learning as they discuss their subject, quiz each other, and compare notes on a particular topic. In schools, many students enjoy the benefits of study groups.

Several advantages are there of joining group studies. Read on to learn the benefits of group study:

•    Helps to learn fast

Children learning in a group generally learn more quickly as compared to those studying alone. As there is a possibility of clarifying your doubts with other students in the group in case you don’t understand a concept or a topic. It saves much of your time as when you would spend hours trying to sort out difficult concepts.

•    Breaks up the monotony of studying alone

Studying alone quietly for a longer period of time often makes you become monotonous. Whereas studying in a group of children can help in breaking out the insipidness of alone study while making learning as fun. It helps in adding a social aspect to your daily study schedule.

•    Removes boredom

While doing self-study for a long time, it is not surprising to feel alone & get bored. While working in groups, aloneness & boredom are rare because there are other fellow members to interact & discuss. Studying in a friendly environment provokes fruitful learning.

•    Resolve quick problems

While studying, there is a higher chance of evolving different questions in mind. For this, one has to wait to get it solved by a tutor or school teacher. But on the other side, while performing group study, we have many other group students to consult with & get our queries resolved.  It proves quite a helpful & time-savvy method of study.

•    Sharpen your study skills

sharpen your study skills with others

Students working in study groups particularly learn faster than those studying alone. It makes your study skills sharper as well as improves your communication skills. Group study likewise ensures a quicker & more relaxed way of learning something while having fun in studies. We can also help a friend if they have any difficulty while understanding a concept. It automatically makes our study skills sharp & efficient.

Some other Benefits of Group Study for students

•    You may feel shy to ask a question in class. You will find it easier to do so in a small study group and the classroom.

•    Listening and discussing with others, add a strong audio dimension to your learning experience.

•    Being in a group study with motivated classmates is often helpful to reduce test anxiety.

Are study groups effective?

Of course, yes! Study groups are generally useful for completing projects, developing presentations & preparing for exams as well.  It is helpful to study in groups because of the following reasons.

1.    Boost up people communication skills

2.    Getting new social perspectives of life

3.    Teaching concepts to other group members

4.    Discussions & communications become strong

5.    Avoiding procrastination

6.    Learn new study skills/ methods

7.    Fill in study gaps

8.    Learn fast & more efficiently

9.    Get instant solutions to all the questions

10.    Helps in promoting creativity

11.    Enhances personal & Professional skills

12.    Motivation & attention towards study

Effective Study Group Strategies

Studying altogether in a group of students can help you a lot in academics as well as in a career. These are the effective study group strategies that help children learn much better & score higher marks in various class tests, mock tests & other school examinations.


Before going & joining a study group, make sure you know that all groups are not equally beneficial for you. Choose a group that spends its time studying & not just socializing.

It is all about practicing for a real-world as two heads are better than one. If the concept of group study is used carefully & properly, it can be of great advantage in the long run of life.

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