Top 10 Schools in Dehradun 2021

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The city of Dehradun is home to numerous schools affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE). Both boy’s and girl’s schools in Dehradun are there as well as co-educational schools, and some of them are residential. There is no doubt that Dehradun is the education capital of India. Schools of Dehradun are internationally renowned and have an established tradition.

When we consider how our kids will be educated, we should not accept anything less than the very best. Education is the basis of human existence. Every action we take and every decision we make is based on the knowledge we have and also based on our educational background. Quality education can help shape your child’s future by selecting the right school for them. The facilities and features a school provides for its students are what parents look for. An excellent school not only offers academics but also provides the opportunity for your child’s overall development.

Dehradun isn’t just famous for its rich culture but is also an educational center. Many students from various cities are admitted to top universities. It is a popular destination for students to study due to its warm conditions, clean lush air, serene surroundings, and stunning view from the hill ranges. Students don’t have any issues and can dedicate the time they need to study.

The top 10 Schools in Dehradun are listed below:

1. The Asian School

The Asian School Dehradun

Founded in 2000, The Asian School is among the world’s premier boarding schools in India. It is a co-educational school that provides world-class education to students. They believe in the blending of old traditions and modern technology in a world that values the importance of every child. Asian School is an English-medium school offering classes from Nursery to XII. This boarding school follows the CBSE Board. In this program, the focus is on enhancing the standards of education in society and preparing students for professional life.

2. Doon Valley Public School


Doon Valley Public School came into existence on the 2nd of April 1982. Providing education for children from Kindergarten to 12th grade. This coed school believes that teachers’ involvement in the newest and most innovative ways of learning helps the school to provide classes more efficiently as well as keep up with current developments. Doon Valley Public School is co-educational and is affiliated with the CBSE Board. In addition to promoting self-confidence, individual attention, and personal responsibility, the school also promotes overall student development.

3. Welham Girls School

Welham Girl's School Dehradun

Since 1957, the Welham Girls School in Dehradun has been one of the most highly regarded Girl’s Boarding schools in India. The school is an ICSE-affiliated English medium school. It is for girls.’ only school that allows students to learn throughout their lives and offers comprehensive education. They have a lush green campus with an infrastructure that can accommodate students from 6th to 12th grade. With its modern infrastructure, it can meet the needs of young children and their families.

4. Brightlands School

Brightlands School

A top school in Dehradun, Brightlands School was founded in 1958. A co-educational senior secondary school, it follows both the ICSE and ISC boards. Brightlands is renowned for working every day to prepare students for the workplace, from learning the ability to communicate, self-control, and respect for their classmates, themselves, and the world. It’s a crucial factor in developing one’s character and how one copes with life’s challenges. Brightlands has achieved a lot of popularity due to its impressive academic achievements each year.

5. Marshall School 

Marshall School

Marshall School, a coeducational school founded in 1967, is one of Dehradun’s most prestigious schools. Marshall School is affiliated with the ICSE. They give excellent quality education for students, including extracurricular ventures. Marshall school is clean, well-furnished, and has well-maintained laboratories and classrooms for students. Classes from K.G to XII. The campus of the school spreads over a vast area of 55 acres of land. This school is covered by a litchi orchard.

6. Scholars Home Dehradun

Scholars Home Dehradun

Scholars Home in Dehradun is a top school for boys, established in 1949. The co-educational boarding school is governed by the guidelines of the CBSE and delivers top-quality education for students. Modern facilities meet the standards of education. In the Scholar’s home, students participate in a variety of activities to build self-confidence, and self-expression, in themselves. Some clubs that interact, groups, and outdoor activities at the Scholars home, help in the overall growth of the students.

7. Jaswant Modern School

Jaswant Modern School

Established in 1949, Jaswant Modern School is one of the topmost schools in Dehradun. This institution is known for its dedication to the ideals of its legendary founders, namely providing a high-quality, all-inclusive education for its students. Focusing on all aspects of their growth regarding academics, physical health, moral development, and spiritual development. It is a part of the Central Board of Secondary Education and follows the curriculum for education that is set out by the National Council for Educational Research and Training which is designed to increase the student’s intellect and grasp as well as interest.

8. Jude’s School

St. Jude’s School

The St. Jude’s School, founded in 1994 in Dehradun, is another renowned boarding school. It is affiliated with the ICSE. Their aim is to create students who are self-assured and confident in their quest for knowledge. St. Jude’s is a recognized co-educational Anglo-Indian School. Thus, boarding schools, extracurricular activities, and co-curricular activities are of the utmost significance, as they not only assist in developing the students but also help them acquire a variety of abilities and skills.

9. Ann Mary School

Ann Mary School

Ann Mary School is one of the most prestigious schools located in Dehradun. Ann Mary School was set up in the year 1985 to first know something before then implementing it. The school follows CISCE and provides the highest quality of education to its students. Nowadays. It is easily one of the most prestigious schools in the School City of India. They Have spacious classrooms, laboratories, music rooms, computer rooms, and a small auditorium at the school. The campus has a library with a large selection of books. There is also a canteen and a transportation facility.

10. Carman Residential And Day School

Carman Residential And Day School

Carman Residential and Day School is also known as a reputed boarding school in Dehradun, which opened in 1961. They have been catering to the entire country by offering the most excellent education. The school adheres to an academic program that is based on the ICSE. It has been acknowledged by the government as an Anglo-Indian co-educational institution that is accessible to everyone. At this school, students can participate in many co-curricular activities. Carman Day School provides excellent facilities for learners.

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