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There are several boarding schools in Dehradun. This is a well-known hill station and also has numerous educational institutions. Dehradun is a beautiful city and also the hub of many best schools. The schools in Dehradun are known for offering world-class education to students. The Indian Public School in Dehradun is one of the best co-educational boarding schools. Being the best boarding school in Dehradun, this School focuses on the overall development of the students so that they can become successful in every field of their life.

The Indian Public School is one of the reputed boarding schools in Dehradun. This co-educational boarding school was established in the year 2001. The Indian Public School follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and runs the classes from I to XII. This boarding school offers the best education to students and, along with academics, also focuses on extracurricular activities.

Indian Public School is all about bringing the finest nature and the methods of learning cooperatively. The education system in this boarding school is willing to the Gurukul-mode of learning, where the advanced scientific process of education is joined with research-based and psychological training. The Indian Public School helps the students to tap their hidden potential by exposing them to diverse chances and a massive number of activities.


Indian Public School has a campus that is captivating and exotic. This boarding school is spread over 80 acres of land area and is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. The splendid beauty and wonderful landscapes make the campus of this School amazing. Indian Public School has a pollution-free and peaceful ambiance, which helps students to focus on their Studies. The entire campus of Indian Public School has patches of green and parklands. This boarding school is enclosed by the Himalayas to its north and Shivalik ranges to its south.


Indian Public has well maintained, airy and large classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and well-stocked libraries, which had 25000 interesting books. There is an amazing multipurpose hall and open-air theater in the School. The multipurpose hall has a capacity of 1200 spectators to hold events and indoor games. With the best residential facilities, this School makes sure that every meal is nutritious and healthy. The Indian Public School also has a well-maintained Art and music block and a sports center. The hostel of this boarding school is fully furnished and air-conditioned. Along with this, the Indian Public School offers all the common facilities that a student requires.


The faculty of the Indian Public School has a number of educators. All the teachers in this best boarding school are well-experienced and professional and have been precisely opted on the basis of their skills and talents. The educators of Indian Public School provide the best education to students, and apart from this, they also motivate students to participate in other curricular activities and competitions for their overall development. The faculty of these best boarding schools in Dehradun make students strong and self-independent and prepare them to face all the problems and challenges of their life.


In Indian Public School, all the faculty, such as a matron, tutors, and a housemaster, live with the students in hostels to supervise them. This best boarding schools in Dehradun offers an amazing homely atmosphere to students so that they can feel like their home. The Indian Public School in Dehradun gives a secure and safe ambiance for all students, whether it is a girl or boy. In this top boarding school, the hostels for girls and boys are separate.

Sports Facilities

This School also is on top when it comes to sports activities. The Indian Public School provides amazing sports amenities for students. This School provides a natural playground for students keeping them in the lap of Mother Nature. There is an advanced multipurpose hall in the School that has a seating capacity for 1200 watchers and has amenities for indoor games. The Indian Public School includes the sports center, which offers the International Standard sporting facilities.

Indian Public School sports facilities

The Indian School believes that, along with academics, competitive sports and physical education are crucial for life. This boarding school concentrate on growing both physical fitness and also skills in numerous sports. The Indian Public School offers many sports amenities to students such as courts for tennis, swimming pool, badminton, cross country table tennis, baseball, shooting, basketball, athletics, karate, soccer, cricket, hockey, skating, horse riding, and many more. Along with all these facilities, the Indian Public School also offers an ultra-modern Gym for students.

Vision and Mission

vision and mission

As the best boarding schools in India, the Indian Public School provides the chances for each and every student to excel in his/her opted platform such as academics, performing arts, and sports. The Indian Public School is a learning center of encourages students and staff occupied in realizing their hidden talents and skills. The mission of this best boarding school is to mix the Indian ethics and strong cultural basics of the Gurukul heritage with the latest scientific learning techniques and tools. This boarding school believes in enabling students to grow into complete and brilliant human beings.

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