The Doon School

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The Doon School is one of the prestigious and best boy’s boarding schools in Dehradun. The Dehradun city is a hub for the best boarding schools in India, and Doon school is one of them. There are several best schools in Dehradun; therefore, this wonderful city is also known as the ‘School Capital of India’ and ‘City of Schools’. Education is essential in a student’s life, so the best boarding schools of Dehradun offer the best Education with cultural, social, and moral values. Along with academics, the Boarding schools in Dehradun also focus on the overall development of students.

Doon School Students

This renowned boy’s boarding school in Dehradun was founded in the year 1935 by SatishRanjan Das. Doon School was established as an organic Indian public school and designed along the lines of the esteemed British boarding schools like Harrow, Marlborough, Winchester, and Eton. This best boy’s boarding school ranked as India’s premier legacy boarding school for four successive years in Education world.

The Doon school follows the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) and offers world-class education to students. The best of British Education, like the teaching of science, the finest teacher-student relationships, organized games, high academic standards, etc. was modified. The Doon School has been the nursery of the country’s most renowned bureaucracy, political, media leaders, and industry professionals. Regarded as the best boy’s boarding school in India, the school takes outstanding measures to make sure the proper participation in the areas of sports, extra-curricular, and music. The education system of this school has a British outlook, but the primary nature of the value stays very much Indian.


The campus of the Doon school is enchanting, which is spared over the 72 acres of land area with a flourishing and pleasant environment. Doon School is situated in the lower regions of the Himalayas, north of Delhi. The building structure of the Doon School is very picturesque, which is designed with red bricks. The stone building of Doon School has well-maintained ventilated and spacious classrooms, well-equipped labs for chemistry, physics, and biology, and a well-stocked library with interesting books.

Doon school Infrastructure

The Doon School has a spacious and airy hostel for boys and gives them a safe and secure environment. The hostels of this top boarding school in Dehradun are well-equipped and well-maintained and have all the facilities that help the students to live in an environment so that they feel at home. The wide campus of Doon School with an enormous scope of winged creatures, fauna, and verdure life furnish all boys with plentiful green space and natural air where they can live and learn.


The faculty of the Doon school include a large number of educators. All the teachers in this best boarding school are well-experienced and have been carefully hired on the basis of their skills and talents. The educators of Doon School offers world-class education to students, and along with this, they also encourage students to participate in extra activities and competition for their overall growth.

In the early years, the teachers of Doon school come from British schools to provide the best education to students. The faculty of this best boy’s boarding school in Dehradun make students self-independent and prepare them to face all the problems in their life.

doon school library

In Doon school, the warden is always live with the students in hostels and supervise them from time to time. This top boarding school in Dehradun offers a homely atmosphere to students so that they cannot feel that they are far from their homes. The Doon School offers a secure and safe environment for all the boys.

Sports Facilities

When it comes to sports, this school also is on top. The Doon school provides the best sports facilities for students. This best boarding school has massive playgrounds which spread over the 30 acres of land area, a 25-meter swimming pool, four tennis courts, two basketball courts, four squash courts, eight cricket nets. The campus of this boarding school in Dehradun also offers other sports facilities such as cricket, football, squash, athletics, shooting, boxing, table tennis, badminton, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, and many more.

Doon school sports facilities

Along with this, golf is also provided to boys in partnership with local golf courses. The Boys of Doon School visit others from time to time to take part in tournaments. For the development of skills, the Doon school often invites professional sports bodies to hold training camps, which are generally open to students from all over India.

Vision and Mission

vision and mission

Doon School is the best boy’s boarding school, and being one of the top boarding schools in Dehradun, it provides amazing facilities to students. In terms of academics, physical fitness, psychological, spiritual health, social consciousness, the Doon school is approved to assist students in developing proper personality and overall growth. The main mission of this school is to offer an all-around education system to the boys of India. Doon school’s aim is to create a respectable individual who is understanding and inspiring.

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