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Pune is a vibrant city in Maharashtra, a western Indian state. Pune is often called the “Oxford of the East” due to the many well-known educational institutions that are located in the city. Pune has become a well-known International education hub almost half of the total international students in India, studying in Pune.  The Symbiosis International School is one of the best boarding schools in Pune. The school’s goal is to provide the best academic facilities for students.

Symbiosis is one of the best boarding schools in Pune established in the year 2005. Symbiosis, a group of academic institutions, includes universities, Colleges, Centers, Schools, and Schools that have been providing quality education for more than 50 years. There are more than 34,000 Indian and International students on the campus. These campuses are an embodiment of the Symbiosis vision of ‘Promoting International Understanding Through Quality Education. They attract students from all over the globe and offer Indian culture and hospitality.


This boarding school provides Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary, Middle, and High Schools. It is affiliated with CIE: IGSCE. They also offer International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, (PYP), and International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program, (MYP). There are many opportunities for students with special needs. Symbiosis International School aims to offer a holistic approach to meeting the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of all students to ensure that they can fully participate in the school’s offerings.

At the EYP, PYP, MYP, IGSCE, and IBDP levels, there are four houses: Jal House, Bhoomi House, Agni House, Agni House, Vayu House. Each house has a housemaster, a house captain, and a vice-house captain. It is mandatory for every student to be a member of a house. The house system’s main purpose is to teach leadership skills, cooperation, and self-reliance.



Symbiosis International School is nestled in the northeast side of Pune city, In Viman Nagar. The campus where the school is located is shared by Symbiosis International University. Both institutions share many amenities, including a basketball court, a football pitch, and an amphitheater. The classrooms are spacious and well-equipped. The boarding schools in India has specialized, well-equipped laboratories for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Science. There are also three computer labs with 40 computers each that students can access. It is equipped with the latest hardware and software to meet the needs of students, teachers, and the curriculum.

Symbiosis International School offers the best in healthy food and is a top-rated residential school. All food is prepared fresh on-site at this school to ensure the best nutritional value. The boarding school includes the amphitheater as well as music studios that are open to the entire Symbiosis family.



Symbiosis International School teachers support students academically and motivate them to reach their full potential through all possible, transparent, and honest academic strategies. They are committed to academic honesty at all times. Teachers are responsible for ensuring that all work submitted to assessment by candidates is authentic.

Symbiosis International School teachers ensure that students are able to understand the difference between academic honesty and authentic work. They make students aware of the constituents of academic dishonesty in their respective classes and how it hinders the learning price. Symbiosis International School educators raise awareness about academic dishonesty. Encourage students to identify and prevent academic dishonesty in all grades and in all subjects.

Sport Facility


This school is also on top in sports activities. Students can enjoy amazing sports facilities at Symbiosis International School. The School offers a huge playground for students. Students can choose from creative and sports activities at Symbiosis Boarding School.

Symbiosis International School believes competitive sports and physical education are equally important for a healthy lifestyle. The boarding school focuses on improving physical fitness as well as the ability to play multiple sports. Students can enjoy many sports at Symbiosis International School, including tennis, basketball, soccer, karate, and skating, as well as Rope Mallkhamba and many other activities. Symbiosis International School offers a Gym and Yoga facilities to students in addition to all of these amenities.

Vision and Mission


This Pune boarding school aims to transform students’ lives with grace and confidence. Symbiosis International School also aims to provide education with appropriate practices to inculcate positive working habits and imbibe relevant cultural values. Our boarding school strives to promote international understanding through education. Symbiosis International School’s mission is to help students become world-class citizens and lifelong learners. The school aims to provide students with a high-quality education and a chance to become creative young leaders. It is important to encourage transparency in learning, understanding, and stimulating thought.

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