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Shimla is one of the captivating hill stations in India; this beautiful city is a hub of numerous best schools. So, therefore students from across the world prefer to study in Shimla. Education is a crucial factor for all the students so that schools in Shimla offer the best education with social and cultural values. Apart from academics, the schools in Shimla also focus on the overall development of students. There are a massive number of best boarding schools in Shimla. If you are seeking a safe and secure atmosphere for your children, then the Shimla Public School is one of them.

Shimla Public School is one of the reputed residential-cum-day-boarding schools in Shimla. This day-boarding school was established in the year 1979 by Mrs. Pritpal Singh. After working for 13 years in Bishop Cotton School, she left in 1977 and got initiated with Shimla Public School. Because of her long hour’s work and immense dedication, the Shimla Public School become one of the top schools in Shimla. This boarding school offers the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE). Shimla Public School has toppers and rank holders every year.


In the first years, Shimla public school was a Nursery school. As the year passed by, the reputation of the school become known to all the people, and a new class was added each year. Shimla public school offers the maximum variety of academic choices for the students in consonance with the advanced changes and growth across the globe.

There are several societies and clubs, each with its elected student officer. In this manner, the students are trained in self-governance and responsibility. Shimla Public School also has NCC, and the students go for daily campus and exercises. This boarding school also has a house system; there are four houses in the school, such as Tagore, Patel, Gandhi, and Nehru. The aim of the house system is to encourage a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity among students.


Shimla Public School was established in the wonderful hills of Shimla. The campus of this best day boarding school is enclosed by fantastic nature. The lush green and delightful campus of this day-boarding school assist students in concentrating more on their studies. Shimla Public School has well-maintained, spacious, and airy classrooms and a well-stocked library which has interesting books. This boarding school also offers diverse learning resources and supportive infrastructure in the form of software, hardware, laboratories, and other material.

With the amazing residential facilities, this day-boarding school makes sure that every meal is healthy and nutritious. The residential area of this best boarding school in India is well-equipped and has all the facilities that assist students to live in an amazing ambiance so that they feel at home.

This day-boarding school campus layout boosts the learning process by providing a student-friendly atmosphere. Along with this, the health and safety of the students are of uppermost concern to Shimla Public School. This school has a medical center with doctors and nurses who take care of the students when they are not feeling well.



In Shimla Public school, the faculty is very helpful and very much familiar with students. The faculty of this day-boarding school treats students like home and helps them in every field of their life. The staff of Shimla Public School is carefully appointed with regard to character and academic qualifications.

If you wish that your child become self-independent and face his or her life challenges and problem on their own, then this boarding school is the best option for them. The talented and well-professional teachers of Shimla Public School provide a world-class education to students, and along with this, they also encourage students to participate in extra activities and competitions for their overall development.

The Team

The team of qualified teachers and intensifying school management objectives at conveying education level excellence. In this day-boarding school, the faculty meetings are held regularly, and deep personal interest is taken in every student. The number of students enrolled is inadequate so as to allow each and every student to obtain personal supervision and attention. Every student in this school is provided with counseling, support, and personalized guidance, in a secure and raising ambiance.

Sports and Activities

 Shimla Public School has always believed that, along with academics sports, are also essential for a student’s life. This day-boarding school offers excellent sports amenities for students. As an international boarding school, this school always maintained top-level facilities for developing, sustaining, and maintaining, sporting skills among students.

This day-boarding school offers several facilities such as Basketball, Cross-country, Athletics, Indoor-shooting, Badminton, and many more. Along with this, the school also offers are co-curricular activities for students like cooking, music, dancing, dramatics, etc.

Vision And Mission

vision and mission

The vision of Shimla Public School is to provide a platform for each and every student to explore their hidden talents and skills in all fields. Shimla Public School discovers the conceptual, physical, and creative perspectives of students and makes them the best citizen of the world. The mission of this best day-boarding school is to inspire the students and encourage them to become fearless leaders and provide them a secure and happy ambiance nourished with the values of tolerance, discipline, mutual care, and respect.

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