Sarala Birla Academy

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Sarala Birla Academy is one of the best boarding schools in Bangalore. It is a leading educational institution for students belonging to families with international aspirations. Committed to comprehensive education, this boarding school’s motive is students’ overall development, honing their leadership skills, and looking after their emotional well-being. This boarding school aims to ignite minds and create in students a passion for learning and continuous development by making the learning process an enjoyable experience.

Sarala Birla Academy follows the State Education Boards, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). This school motivates each student to reach his full potential and equip students to boost themselves as an individual and attain a strong sense of self-esteem. E-learning will soon be an important part of the curriculum, further augmenting classroom-based learning and offering students access to information and communication technology.

Sarala Birla Academy - Classroom

Sarala Birla Academy provides a world-class education to students. It boasts modern amenities to impart sound education to students aimed at developing their all-around skills. Sarala Birla Academy is prepared to give teaching and learning of international standards, helping students who strive to be achievers in their lives.


Sarala Birla Academy - infrastructure

Sarala Birla Academy is spread across 64 acres of sprawling, lush greenery campus. This boarding school is committed to offering wholesome quality education to students in this amazing ambiance. Sarala Birla Academy has a well-maintained and well-equipped library and computer and science labs where students can do their research and accompany experiments concerning their field of study. Along with this, the Sarala Birla Academy also has various clubs such as math club, public speaking, and many more where students can associate with like-minded students and exchange views and opinions.

This boarding school campus is designed to be self-sufficient, equipped with 100 percent power backup, 24-hour running water, an 18-bed hospital with a qualified resident doctor, nurses on call 24 hours a day, and communication amenities. This boarding school provides a well-designed central dining hall containing 650-700 people, serving nutritious vegetarian food. Sarala Birla School comprises four boarding houses such as Aditya, Martand, Bhaskar, and Vivasvan.


Sarala Birla Academy - Faculty

In Sarala Birla Academy, every educator aims to help the student reach his full potential and develop a higher sense of self-esteem. This school endeavor to equip each and every student with life skills that place him first among his equals when he steps out into the real world. With innovative learning methods and qualified and skilled educators, Sarala Birla Academy builds an ambiance where students can experience learning while preparing themselves for difficulties when they step out into the real world.

Sarala Birla Academy - Academic

In the boarding house, a group of 100 boys is placed under a housemaster’s supervision supported by an Assistant housemaster, a housemother, and two resident teachers. Every student is under the personal care of the house.

Sports Facilities

Sarala Birla Academy - Sports

When it comes to sports, the Sarala Birla Academy also offers the best facilities. Sarala Birla Academy is a large playing field, and the students can play a wide range of sports. This boarding school understands that games and sports are an essential part of the school curriculum. In this boarding school, regular physical exercise and yoga are a part of the school curriculum, and the students are trained to participate in state, national and international championships. The inter-house competitions are also organized in this boarding school.

This boarding school focus on both physical fitness and also talents in different sports. The Sarala Birla Academy offers numerous sports facilities to students, such as courts for tennis, badminton, table tennis, basketball, athletics, squash, athletics, football, and many more.
Apart from this, the Sarala Birla Academy also provides a modern gym and a swimming pool to give additional physical activity.

Vision And Mission

Vision and Mission

As an academic and residential community, Sarala Birla Academy is dedicated to inquiry, problem-solving and academic achievement within a comprehensive educational environment. This boarding school is committed to traditional Indian values and culture but recognizes the need for a global education perspective. Sarala Birla Academy offers an exemplary residential and extra-curricular program. It develops independent, articulate and compassionate men of integrity. Boarding school in India empowers boys to be contributing citizens in India and the international community.

In order to accomplish the school’s mission, Sarala Birla Academy is committed to creating and maintaining a challenging and rigorous academic and residential program comprising, but not limited to, encouraging a strong sense of individual and community responsibility and self-confidence and cultivating a lifelong appreciation of learning, resourcefulness, and individual potential.

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