Roots Country School, Shimla

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Roots Country School is one of the prestigious and best day-boarding boarding schools in Shimla. Shimla city is a hub of numerous best boarding schools in India, and the Lawrence school is one of them. There are many best boarding schools in Shimla that offers a pleasant and peaceful climate; therefore, students from different part of the globe prefer to study in Shimla.

Boarding schools in Shimla have an excellent reputation, so the best boarding schools of Shimla provide world-class education with social, cultural, and moral values. Apart from academics, the Boarding schools in Shimla also concentrate on the overall growth of students to make them brilliant citizens.


This reputed co-educational boarding school in Shimla was established in the year of 2003. Roots Country School have a rich history of prominent educational institutions, conveying values-based education in such an atmosphere. This co-educational boarding school follow the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board and run the classes from Nursery to XII.

Roots Country School offers the best quality education to students. Along with academics, this boarding school offers the best co-curricular activities for students. Roots Country boarding school is devoted to offering its students some of the happiest and most secure years of their lives, assisting them to develop into responsible, productive and caring adults.

Roots Country School try to offer every student a chance to express themselves through a carefully planned and organized curriculum. This boarding school in Shimla offer unique features such as flexibility in curriculum, a fine concentration on learning to think for oneself, recreational facilities, unparallel sports, big playgrounds and councillors who offer cultural and social support. The programme of Roots Country School is designed to generate global thinking at the same time nourishing cultural roots.



The campus of the Roots Country School is fabulous, which is spread over the seven bighas of land area with a flourishing and pleasant ambience. Root Country School is nestled in Baghi in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. This boarding school is enclosed with lush apples and cheery orchards crowing Baghi valley in Shimla Hills. Root Country School has well-maintained spacious and ventilated classrooms, well-equipped labs for computers and a well-stocked library with amazing books. This boarding school offers state-of-art infrastructure and modern facilities to students.

The Roots Country School has an airy and spacious and hostel for boys and girls and offers them a safe and secure atmosphere. The hostels of this top boarding school in Shimla are well-maintained and well-equipped and have all the facilities that assist the students to live in an ambience so that they feel at home. Root Country School offer boarding facilities for 800 students. There is also a modern movie theatre within the school campus, to break the monotony of the regular routine and to entertain the students as well as staff. Along with this, Roots Country School includes the Dining Hall, Medical Room and Cafeteria facilities.


The faculty of Roots Country School comprises a massive number of educators. All the teachers in this best boarding school are talented and well-experienced and have been carefully hired on the basis of their skills and talents. The teachers of Roots Country School provide the best education to students, and along with this, for their overall development, they also foster students to participate in extra activities and competition. The faculty of this best day-boarding boarding school in Shimla guide students in academics as well in their personal life and also make them self-independent. The dedicated and highly motivated team of teachers work tirelessly to ensure excellent opportunities for each and every student.

In Roost Country School, the warden is always live with the students in hostels and supervise them from time to time. The faculty of this boarding school is very much familiar with students and help them in every field. This top boarding school in Shimla offer an amazing homely ambience to students so that they cannot feel that they are far from their homes. The Roots Country School provide a safe and secure atmosphere for all students, whether it is a girl or boy.

Sports Facilities


When it comes to sports, Roots Country School also is on top. The Roots Country School offers excellent sports amenities for students. This best boarding school has big playgrounds, an exotic swimming pool for students. Roots Country School believes that games and sports are an essential part of the school curriculum.

This boarding school concentrate on both the physical and mental fitness of students. The Roots Country School provides several sports amenities to students such as courts for tennis, badminton, table tennis, basketball, athletics, hockey, soccer, and many more. Apart from this, the Roots Country School also offer a pool facility to students.

Vision and Mission

Vision and mission

Roots Country School is the best day-boarding school, and being one of the top boarding schools in Shimla, it offers fabulous facilities to students. In terms of academics, physical fitness, psychological, spiritual health, social consciousness, the Roots Country School is approved to assist students in developing the perfect personality and overall development. The primary mission of this day-boarding school is to provide an all-around education system to the students.

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