Pros and Cons of Boarding School

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Boarding schools nowadays have become a popular choice with the stress of parenting in nuclear families and with working parents. However, the decision of sending your child to a boarding school can be an emotional drawback for you but still many people look for this option.

Seeing this, there is a wide variety of boarding schools in India. Since it depends on the school. All things have both advantages & disadvantages.

Is Boarding School Good or Bad?

like traditional day schools, boarding schools for children have the pupils live on campus. They have their classes together, meals together and live in common housing. Children go home during the summer holidays, between grades, and some schools even allow children to go home on the weekends. As with other schools, you must look at what option will suit your child.

There is no way to make a wide conclusion about whether boarding schools are good or bad. Each child is an individual with individual needs and each school has a different mission statement and vision.


1. Holistic Approach to Education

Moreover, most of the time children are occupied in mind-making activities as there is limited use of technology, mobile phones
Boarding schools contribute well in grooming the personality of a student. Apart from inculcating a spirit of discipline and punctuality, a sense of responsibility is also generated in the students.

This proves beneficial not only in the field of academics but also in each and every aspect of life. Students sent to boarding schools at an early age can quickly learn to be independent and obedient which instills maturity in them during their early years. The true lessons of life they learn in such schools lay a solid foundation for their adulthood.

2.  Better standard of living

Children studying & living in boarding schools are kept at an arm’s length to late-night parties, consuming alcohol, taking drugs, and all which could, therefore, be easier for those in day school.
Seeing this, one can conclude that boarding schools offer a better way of living.

3. Self-confidence


Managing daily tasks on their own like preparing school uniforms, making their own bed, cleaning up their own dishes and many other small chores make the children confident that they too can manage them on their own. Students tend to be more confident & independent.

4. Decision-making

One of the main advantages of studying in boarding school is ‘Money management.
Living far away from the family, children learn not to spend money lavishly, how to save money for good things. They also become better decision-makers independently.

Cons (Disadvantages)

On the other hand, boarding schools have some disadvantages too which are certain to keep in mind while sending your children off to school.

5. Feeling of Homesickness


While there are so many children having a lot of things in common still it’s no denying that they will feel homesick for their peers & family. It is common among the children living & studying in boarding schools. It can often lead them to depression as it takes time for boarders to get over the feeling of homesickness. The very first year in boarding can be traumatic for most of them.

6. You’ll miss that biggest opportunity

Living full-time in boarding school boarders emotional independence and detachment from family can cause children heartburn and mixed feelings in you.
This is a big emotional disadvantage to the parents as well because they missed the golden opportunity of watching their kids growing up in front of them.

7. Boarding school fees

One of the most important things which all parents look for is the high demand of fees by most of the boarding schools in India. People think that the fees can put a hole in their pocket. Since they charge more from the students so that they can afford to pay a good amount to them.

But this point can also be seen as a positive point for the teachers teaching at boarding schools as they offer higher salaries to them.

The only trick is to find a school that matches your child’s temperament and needs.
Keeping all these points into consideration, choose the best boarding school in India for your children and give them a good start off. Make them better leaders of tomorrow!

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