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Dehradun is a wonderful city and has many educational institutions. This beautiful city is the hub of several best schools. The school is well-known for providing the best education to students. Kasiga School in Dehradun is one of the best co-educational boarding schools. Being the best boarding school focus on the overall growth of the students so that they can become successful in every field of their life.

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Kasiga School is a renowned boarding school in Dehradun, which ranked no. 1 co-educational boarding school in Dehradun and Ranked no.8 co-educational boarding school in India. This school was founded by the popular industrialist Mr. Ramesh Batta in the year 2007, conceptualized and drawn up by The Maya Education Society. In terms of education and discipline, Kasiga School is coming on top.

They offer world-class education to students and, along with academics, focus on extracurricular activities so that students gain success in every field. Kasiga School follows the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). In Kasiga school, the schooling starts with class 4th. This best boarding school attracts students not only from India but also from diverse countries and cultures. In less than ten years, this best boarding has formed a niche for itself.


The campus of Kasiga School is breathtaking and exquisite. This boarding school is situated 3000 feet above sea level and lies in the foothills of the Himalayas in Dehradun. The serene beauty and beautiful landscapes make the campus of this school perfect. Kasiga School has a peaceful and pollution-free environment, which helps students to focus on their Studies. The campus of Kasiga School is spread over 35 acres of land area. In North India, the Kasiga School has one of the wonderful campuses.

Kasiga School Class

Kasiga School has well-maintained, spacious, and ventilated classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and well-stocked libraries having interesting books. There is an open area with each classroom for outdoor teaching, and students are motivated to engage in learning in closeness with nature and grow a valuing of the beauty of nature throughout them.

At the center of this best boarding school is having a Ranji-grade cricket ground, which is designed to fusion with nature. Along with this, there are strategically planned residential areas, staff residences, and sports facilities in the captivating environment. The whole campus is Wi-Fi enabled, ensuring the combination of technology into the teaching-learning methods at all stages. In this boarding school, the Dorms are beautifully designed so that students feel at home.


The faculty of the Kasiga School comprise many educators. All the teachers in this best boarding school are well-experienced and professional and have been carefully selected on the basis of their talents and skills. The educators of Kasiga School offers the best education to students, and along with this, they also encourage students to participate in extra activities and competition for their overall growth. The faculty of this best boarding school in Dehradun make students self-independent and prepare them to face all the problems in their life.

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All the faculty, such as a matron, tutors, and a housemaster, live with the students in hostels and supervise them from time to time. This top boarding school in Dehradun provides a homely environment to students so that they cannot feel that they are away from their homes. The Kasiga School offers a secure and safe environment for all students, whether it is a girl or boy. In this best boarding school in India, the hostels are situated in a way that the boys do not have permission to enter the girl’s hostels.

Sports Facilities

Kasiga School is has believed that along with academics, sports are also important for a student’s life. The Chairman, Mr. Ramesh Batta’s passion for sports, reflects in the infrastructure of this boarding school. The Kasiga School encourages students to participate in several tournaments. In the middle of the school, there is a luxurious green cricket ground.

Kasiga school sports facilities

A 10 mt Rifle Shooting range and an amazing 25 meters heated swimming pool, Deco Turf Synthetic 9 layered cushioned Basketball court and two synthetic tennis courts. The other sports facilities offered in the Kasiga School are Football, Skating, Basketball, Shooting, Athletics, Hockey, and many more.


The well-experienced and specialized teachers search and refine and bring up the talents and skills of students in branches of music, both Indian and Western. The Kasiga School encourages students to take part in different competitions and tournaments so that students become successful in every field and express their skills and talents. The other activities offered in Kasiga School are Violin, Guitar, Sitar, Tabla, Flute, Keyboard, and many more.

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Vision and Mission 

Kasiga School motivated students to be independent in their life. The school offers a healthy balance of meticulous academic teaching with a wide variety of facilities. The main objective of this school produces confident young adults who, mature, socially responsible, and self-motivated. The focus of the Kasiga School is to develop critical thinkers so that the students apply their knowledge.

Vision and mission

The Kasiga school brings up environmentally awake, value-driven world citizens with the finest work and morals in an ambiance that encourages alteration, life-long learning, love for sports, and culture.

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