Hopetown Girl’s School

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Dehradun is known as the “School Capital of India” and “City of Schools” because it is the hub of several educational institutes. Education is an important strand for all the students, so the best boarding schools of Dehradun provide the best education with social and cultural values. In terms of education, extra-curricular activities, and discipline, the boarding schools in Dehradun are best. Along with academics, the best boarding schools in Dehradun focus on their overall development so that they become the best citizen of the world. Hopetown Girl’s Boarding School is one of them.

Hopetown Girl’s School Students

Hopetown Girl’s School is one of the prestigious girls boarding schools in Dehradun. This girl’s boarding school is founded in the year 1999 by Mr. Kamal Sehgal. The main objective of establishing this school is to offer quality education to girls. Apart from education, this boarding school teaches social, cultural, and moral values to students.

Hopetown Girl’s School follows the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) and Indian School Certificate (ISC). The curriculum of this boarding school is very integrated into nature and the fusion of both the scholastic and the non-scholastic programs for middle school. Apart from this, the senior school students are prepared for the ICSE and ISC examination and include the practicals and detailed project work in the apprehensive subjects.


The infrastructure of Hopetown girl’s school is most beautiful and enchanting. The campus of this best girl’s schools in Dehradun is excellent, which is spared over the 50 acres of land area with the flourishing and pleasant atmosphere. The boarding school is nestled in the picturesque valley near Dehradun. This school is enclosed by a spectacular view of the lower Mussoorie hills to the north and lush green sal forest.

The wonderful and massive games fields, school buildings, and gardens make the infrastructure of this school amazing. The Hopetown Girl’s School has well-maintained ventilated and spacious classrooms, well-equipped labs for chemistry, physics, and biology, and a well-stocked library with interesting books.

Hopetown Girl’s School Infrastructure

The Hopetown Girl’s School has seven spacious, airy, comfortable, and bright residential blocks house for girls as per their age groups. In each block, there are 60-80 girls, and in a Dorm, there are 6-8 girls. There are bathrooms and dressing areas attached to each dorm. The life of students in residences is busy with the activity and fun.

Along with residential, this school also offers the best dining facilities to students so that they feel at home. The school provides a safe and secure environment for girls. In Hopetown girl’s school, each block of residence is under the supervision of a House Mistress and the Assistant House Mistress.


The faculty of Hopetown Girl’s School in Dehradun is very helpful, who are very much familiar with students and help them in every field and treats the girls like home. If you want your girl child to become self-independent and face her problem on her own, then this girl’s boarding schools are the best choice for her to her bright future.

Well professional and well-experienced teachers of Hopetown Girl’s School provide a world-class education to girls, and along with this, they also motivate girls to participate in extra-curriculum activities and competition for their overall growth. The faculty of this best boarding school in Dehradun make girls self-sustaining and prepare them to face the problems of their life.

Hopetown Girl’s School Faculty

The teachers of Hopetown Girl’s School concentrate on the requirement to make learning applicable to the children and use advanced education in planning their lessons. This top boarding school in Dehradun provides a homely environment to students so that they cannot feel that they are away from their homes. The Hopetown Girl’s School offers a secure and safe environment for the girl.

Sports Facilities

Hopetown Girl’s School has always believed that sports teach the student’s character; it teaches how to play by the rules; it teaches students to know what it feels when we lose and win. The school also trust that along with academics, sports are also important for students’ life to stay fit. This boarding school provides the best sports facilities for girls. The fifty acres campus of this school delegate students to compete and play at state and national levels. This school has amazing basketballers and footballers.

Hopetown Girls School Sports Facilities

The huge playgrounds of Hopetown Girl’s schools help in training the students to grow their abilities and bring out the best in them. This school has separate and well-equipped courts for Basketball, Football, Badminton, and Tennis. For learning swimming, the Hopetown Girls School has a wonderful swimming pool. The Hopetown Girl’s School also offers Karate and Yoga Facilities for all the girls.

Vision And Mission

vision and mission

This vision of this girls boarding schools in India is to develop the overall personality of the girls and grow a generation of Indian girls into creative women with a spirit and voice that will make a difference to the world we live in today. The main aim is to make the girls confident and ready to face whatever life has in store for them. Along with this, the mission of Hopetown Girl’s School is to motivate the girls to explore issues and subjects in an integrated way.

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