Ecole Globale International Girl’s School

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As we know that Dehradun is the hub of several educational institutes and is also known as the ‘School Capital of India.’ With the co-educational schools in Dehradun, there are many best separate schools in Dehradun for Girls, which offer a secure and safe environment for girls and, along with this, the best residential and dining facilities for girls.

The Ecole Globale International Girl’s School is the prestigious and top boarding school in Dehradun among the many best schools. These best boarding schools in Dehardun offer world-class education to students. Apart from academics, the Ecole Globale International Girl’s School also focuses on extra-curriculum activities for the better development of girls.

Ecoleglobale girls boarding school

Ecole Globale International Girl’s School is coming in the best girls boarding school in Dehradun. This reputed girl’s boarding school was opened in the year of 2012. EcoleGlobale Girl’s International School is run under the shelter of the Asian Educational Charitable Trust. This boarding school is a fully residential girl’s school. When it comes to education, the EcoleGlobale Girl’s International School offers quality education to students.

they have options for the students to choose between Cambridge International Education (CIE) and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). In a very short period, this boarding school earns its position in one of the most prestigious and reliable schools in the city. The Ecole Globale is well-known for catering to the absolute institute for the entire growth of girls. In the year 2013, this boarding school ranked as the 6th best girl’s boarding school in India in ‘Peer and Parent Surveys which was managed by the Education World Magazine.


Ecole Globale has one of the enchanting campuses all over India. The campus of this best boarding school is spread over the 40 acres of land area which has the well- maintained and spacious classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and a well-stocked library with interesting books. Along with this, the Ecole Globale has medical facilities and a messing hall, and five spacious boarding houses for students.

Campus of this boarding school is architecturally well-designed and erected, and covered with lush green vegetation. The captivating Shivalik range of the Himalayas is visible from the campus of this school. This boarding school is zero-emissions and believes in top-level maintenance and keeping the greatest cleanliness of its atmosphere. Ecole Globale offers a peaceful and amazing campus, which is also helpful for students to focus on their studies.

best boarding schools in dehradun

With the amazing residential facilities, this school ensures that every meal is healthy and nutritious. The Ecole Globale serves dietary requirements to girls and also offers them the taste of world cuisine, which includes Indian, Continental, and Chinese. Along with this, the health and safety of the girls are of uppermost concern of Ecole Globale. This school has an in-house health care center with a full-time residential doctor and two nurses who take care of the girls when they are not feeling well.


The faculty of these best girls boarding schools in Dehradun are very helpful, who are very much familiar with students and treat the girls like home and help them in every field. If you wish that your child become independent and face his or her problem on their own, then these girls’ boarding schools are the finest option for them.

Well professional and well-experienced teachers of EcoleGlobale Girl’s International School offer quality education to girls, and apart from this, they also encourage girls to participate in extra activities and competition for their overall growth. The faculty of this best boarding school in Dehradun make girls self-independent and prepare them to face the problems of their life.

Ecole globale activities

This top boarding school in Dehradun offers a homely environment to students so that they cannot feel that they are away from their homes. The Ecole Globale International Girl’s School offers a secure and safe environment for the girl.

Sports Facilities

Ecole Globale International Girl’s School has always trusted that along with academics sports are also essential for student’s life and believes that more observational learning happens in the field of Sports than anywhere else.

The school offers the best sports facilities for girls. As an international boarding school, this school always maintained top-level facilities for sustaining, maintaining, and developing sporting skills among girls. In the several sporting events, whether it is Inter-school, District, state, zonal or national level, the Ecole Globale won various trophies.

Ecole Globale Sports Facilities

The Ecole Globale International Girl’s School has five huge playgrounds to help in training the students to develop their abilities and bring out the best in them. This school has separate and well-equipped courts for Basketball, Squash, and Tennis. For learning swimming, the EcoleGlobale has an Olympic size pool. The schools have Table Tennis, Football and Volleyball facilities.

Vision and Mission

vision and mission

The vision of Ecole Globale School is to empower girls to discover their conceptual, physical, and creative potential and make them the best citizen of the world. The mission of this best girl’s boarding school is to generate an atmosphere that is beneficial for learning to develop the skills and talents of girls. The growing physical potential goes hand-in-hand with the growth of the mind, and the Ecole Globale is continuously making efforts to let its students acknowledge the importance of physical well-being.

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