Bishop Cotton Girls School, Bangalore

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Bangalore is a hub of the best boarding school in India, and Bishop Cotton Girls School is one of them which gives the best-quality education to girls. With its rich heritage, Bishop Cotton Girls School is the best place for shaping students into smart, responsible, and bright people. Bishop Cotton Girls School day-boarding school is the perfect gift you can provide to your girls for their academic, extra-curricular, and all-around growth. With the best quality education, Bishop Cotton Girls School provides cultural, social, and moral values.

Bishop Cotton Girls School

It is one of the best day-cum boarding schools in Bangalore. This day-cum boarding school for girls was set up in the year 1865. Initially, this institution was opened for both boys and girls in a sprawling bungalow named Westward Ho in High Grounds.

After then, in the year 1871, this school was separated into two schools, one for the boys and the other for the girls. Now, this day-cum boarding school-educated the massive number of girls students, permitting them to develop into women of the essence. Be they doctors, teachers, engineers, homemakers, scientists, the Bishop Cotton Girls are sure to make their mark.

This day-cum boarding school in Bangalore follows the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and offers a world-class education to students. Subjects taught at the ICSE level comprise English, an Indian or foreign language, History, Civics and Geography, Environmental Education, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and a choice between Home Science. The school administered along the lines of Junior, Middle, and Senior School, works through three school terms, each ending with examinations. This school provides scholarships, which support students from lower-income backgrounds. Bishop Cotton Girl’s School has teaching facilities from Kindergarten to 12. This school has been awarded the International School Award by the British Council. 


Bishop Cotton Girl’s School is nestled in the tech city Bangalore, Karnataka, India. During the last few years, the school has upgraded its infrastructure, constructing new buildings with spacious and well-ventilated classrooms, modern laboratories and research facilities, an indoor swimming pool, a multimedia center with networked computers and educational software, and a well-stocked library with lots of reading room.

The auditorium of this day boarding school is amazing—the 800 seat auditorium for all public and school functions. The large stage with a green room is frequently used for plays as well as other stage presentations. The auditorium of this day boarding school comprises an LCD projector. Modern sound systems, piano, and lights enable students to make presentations, practice for numerous Programmes. Bishop Cotton Girl’s School is not only a building that we have to administer but a community of thousands of young bodies and minds.


Bishop Cotton Girl’s School has many excellent educators. All the teachers in this India’s leading boarding school are professional and well-experienced and have been carefully selected on the basis of their talents and skills. Teachers of Bishop Cotton Girl’s School give the best education to students, and along with this, they also motivate students to participate in other curriculum activities and competitions for their overall growth.

Their dedicated and highly motivated team of teachers works tirelessly to make sure great opportunities for each and every student. The teachers of this best boarding school in Bangalore make students self-independent and also ready them to face the challenges of their life.

The faculty member of this best day-boarding boarding school in Bangalore guide students in academics as well in their personal life. However, they all disperse a dedication to the mission of the School, tackling to educate the spirit, mind, and body of each and every girl. This best boarding school in Bangalore gives a homely environment to girls who live far from their homes.


Bishop Cotton Girl’s School also is on top when it comes to sports. This day-boarding school offers the best sports facilities for girls. The school trusts that sports form an important part of the school curriculum. In this day boarding school, the inter-school games competitions are organized from time to time.

Bishop Cotton Girl’s School believes that physical education and competing sports are a significant part of everyone’s life. This boarding school concentrate on strengthening both physical fitness as well as skills in various sports. The Bishop Cotton Girl’s School offers several sports facilities to students such as courts for tennis, badminton, table tennis, basketball, hockey, and many more. 

Vision And Mission 

Vision and Mission

Bishop Cotton Girl’s School is the best day-boarding school, and being one of the top boarding schools in Shimla, it gives fabulous facilities to students. This school aims to develop students’ overall development along with state-of-art education, implanting moral and ethical values in the students. The mission of this boarding school is to implant a holistic education that nurtures the best in every individual, nurtures leadership, compassion, and a sense of justice. And also to create confidence in young women who can claim their place in the industry, society, and the body politic.

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