St. Mary Convent School

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St. Mary Convent School is one of the best boarding schools in India. This boarding school is nestled in the pristine atmosphere of Kasauli in the Shimla Hills. Due to the delightful and peaceful climate of Shimla Hills, many students across the world prefer this boarding school to study. St. Mary Convent School is a day boarding school and provides the gates for boys and girls; it’s a fully co-educational school that offers the best quality education to students to make them academically strong and offers unlimited opportunities to learn and also explore their talents and skills for overall growth.

This prestigious day-boarding school is one of the oldest and gracious institutions which was established in the year of 1958. St. Mary Convent School was founded under the management of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Destitute Pushpadham Province. This boarding school offers a moral, spiritual, cultural, and educational ambiance to the students.

St. Mary Convent School follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The school year begins in February and ends in the second week of December. This boarding school offers a balanced, realistic and safe atmosphere for the young students to grow and learn. St. Mary Convent School turns out young boys and girls with a well-developed and qualified personality, groomed to enlist with and add to the community at a regional, national and global level.

St. Mary Convent School is open to boys and girls of all castes and creeds. The education conveys by this boarding school aims at regulating, raising, and perfecting all the outlook of human life physical and spiritual, individual and social, moral and intellectual. The prominence is on academic excellence. Social work and overall growth of the personality of the students.



The enchanting campus of St. Mary Convent School is situated in the magnificent environment of Kasauli in the Shimla Hills. This boarding school is lies at the height of 6000 ft above sea level. The peaceful ambiance of St. Mary Convent School helps students to study more efficiently. The schools have a very big architectural building with spacious, airy, sunny smart classrooms comprising a massive library with interesting books, an Auditorium, an Audio Visual Room, and well-equipped Chemistry, physics, biology, computer, and mathematics laboratories.

This boarding school also provides a facility for Girl’s hostel. The hostel offers a peaceful and secure ambiance to the girls. Along with this provides a comfortable and homely environment for the nourishment of students with a wide range of modern facilities. The school hostel has its own study dining and study hall and kitchen where delicious food is prepared and served. The boarding school always takes care of all aspects of security offers 24 hours guards facility with CCTV to track every moment of the school members.



Education is the preparation of the children for their long journey through academic, keeping this in mind the educators of these boarding schools offers world-class education to students. St. Mary Convent School has several excellent educators. All the teachers in this India’s leading boarding school are professional and well-experienced and have been carefully opted on the basis of their skills.

Teachers of the St. Mary Convent School provide the best education to students, and along with this, they also foster students to participate in other extra-curricular activities and competitions for their all-around growth. The faculty of this best boarding school make students self-independent to face the problems of their life.

The teachers in St. Mary Convent School help the students in every field of their life. They bring with them a wide variety of experience and talents. This best boarding provides a homely atmosphere to students so that they cannot feel that they are away from their homes.

Sports Facilities


Along with academics, the St. Mary Convent School also offers the best sports facilities for students. They trust that sports are also vital for a student’s life. This boarding school also believes that participation in sports help students in becoming great team player, learn self-discipline, develop confidence and leadership qualities This boarding school focus on growing both physical fitness as well as skills in several sports. This boarding school objective is to engage every student with the importance of sports.

The St. Mary Convent schools believe that physical education and competitive sports are a vital part of everyone’s life. This boarding school offers several sports facilities such as Basketball, Throwball, badminton, volleyball, table tennis, cricket, lawn tennis, and badminton. Along with this, St. Mary Convent School offers karate facilities to students.

Vision And Mission

Vision and Mission

Being India’s leading boarding school, the St. Mary Convent School provides opportunities for each and every student to excel in his/her selected field, such as academics, performing arts, and sports. The education conveyed by St. Mary Convent School aims at taking in the entire accumulation of human life, physical and spiritual, social and individual, moral and intellectual. The mission of this day boarding school is to develop young students with social and moral responsibilities to become the best member of society.

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