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Pune is among the most well-known cities of education around the world. Pune is often referred to as “Oxford in the East” because of the numerous prominent educational institutions in the city. In the last few years, Pune has grown into a well-known international educational center with nearly half of all international students of boarding schools in India who are who study in Pune. The number of best boarding schools in Pune provide academic excellence with modern facilities to their students.

In addition to education, the top school for boarding in Pune provides accommodation facilities and meals in hotels. Shiva Valley School is one of them. This is a boarding school that provides a world-class education for students. In addition to this, the school also provides moral and social values to the students.

Shiva Valley School is a co-educational residential school, Pune. This boarding school was established in the year 2008 located in Kedgaon situated in Paluka Daund, District Pune. In Shiva Valley, we not solely focus on the academic development of our students but also the development of an overall personality. The school’s goal is to open new opportunities for students, and expanding their perspectives, while also keep them grounded in their culture and tradition. Shiva valley school provides the most secure, safe, and happy environment to every student.

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The school is characterized by an unwavering commitment to excellence. It is determined to achieve specific, tangible, visible, and quantifiable outcomes for students and candidates. Since the school has the intention of providing an education based on value to children and offers a stimulating learning environment. The school, however, each student’s pursuit of excellence by fostering the active process of learning, and also education. In addition, it has an experienced faculty who is a result of a rich background with extensive experience.


The school is situated 50 km away from Pune close to the Sholapur highway and is situated on 10 acres of lushly maintained land, boasts a fantastic playground and pool. The school’s campus is well-maintained and has spacious laboratories, with well-equipped classrooms for physics, chemistry, and biology, as well as libraries that are well-stocked with intriguing books. With its amazing facilities for residential the school ensures that each meal is nutritious and filling.


Shiva Valley School has well-maintained spacious, airy student housing facilities to ensure they are in the security and safety they require. The hostels of this prestigious boarding school located in Pune are well-equipped with all the amenities needed to allow students to be in a comfortable environment in order to feel at their own. In addition to offering the most luxurious residence facilities, this school also provides the finest eating facilities for students.


Shiva Valley School has the best faculty who has had a lot of success and a huge amount of knowledge. The school’s special consultant conducts periodic reviews to gauge the growth of teachers and help maintain the high quality of instruction. At this school, teachers pay special attention to children who are struggling in learning by providing special remedial instruction and counseling. All students are treated equally regardless of their ability and the teachers and their grads strive always to inspire the best in each child.


The teachers at Shiva Valley School have vast experience working with schools and preschoolers. They believe in a value-based approach to education that instills values, beliefs, and values among students. The top institution of boarding located in Pune offers a cozy atmosphere to students, to ensure that they do not be apprehensive about being far from home. The housemaster, usually the top faculty members are in charge of students from time to at. Shiva Valley School offers a secure and safe space to all pupils, regardless of whether it’s a girl or a boy.

Sports Facilities

Shiva Valley School has believed that sports and academics are essential to the student’s future. The school also believes that each student should be driven to participate in at least one sport discipline. As the most prestigious boarding school Shiva Valley School provides the finest facilities for girls to play sports. This boarding school believes in massive participation and exposes students to an array of sporting events in the school like inter-school/district and zonal regional state at the international and national levels. Shiva Valley School always helps students develop the social skills they’ll require in their lives.

sports Facilities

Shiva Valley School has a vast playground for developing the girls to increase their skills and unleash the best in the girls. This school offers a range of sports, including a hockey field, football field as well as a shooting pool, swimming pool courts for basketball, and lawn tennis courts. skating rink, squash court volleyball court and badminton courts-martial art studio table tennis, and a Yoga studio.

Vision and Mission

vission-and mission

Shiva Valley School comes with an unwavering commitment to excellence. It is driven by the desire to achieve certain, easily observable, quantifiable, and quantifiable outcomes for all students. The school is awash with the intention of providing an education that is based on value and provides a stimulating environment for learning. However, the school’s aegis is that each student strives to achieve excellence by fostering the active process of learning as well as education. This school believes in creating a strong and vibrant community of faculty, students, and staff, regardless of religion or ethnicity, language, or geographic region. The main goal of the school is to connect students to the best in higher education around disciplines and geographical regions.

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