The Mann School, Delhi

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The Mann School is one of the most prestigious boarding schools in Delhi NCR. It is a day-cum co-educational residential school that was established in 1989. The Mann School is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). They offer the education of children from Kindergarten to Senior Secondary. This school is ISO certified and is a part of the Indian Public Schools’ Conferences (IPSC). It is also an accredited sub-center of the University of Cambridge for ESOL (English Students of Other Languages) Examinations.

The Mann School Infrastructure

This boarding school for daytime students aims to provide a holistic but cost-effective education. They employ the most modern teaching methods to assure that learners do not only receive certifications. But are also able to build the knowledge and experience that remains for them even after they leave the school’s portal. The Mann School possesses an average strength of 1250 students including learners from nations like Norway, Thailand, Nepal, Korea, and UAE, and the faculty’s strength of 75. This school has a teacher-student ratio of 1:20.

A sprawling estate can be an ideal backdrop to one of the best education experiences in boarding schools in India. Its beautiful, tranquil landscape provides the perfect environment for children to develop their minds. Students do not only learn about the contents of their textbooks provide. But also get into nature and uncover their own unique facets.


The Mann School has nestled about 25 kilometers from The New Delhi Railway Station, far from the hustle and bustle of Delhi. The sprawling campus of 20 acres houses 32 air-conditioned and vast classrooms, furnished with ICT teaching tools. There is also an amazing swimming pool that includes baby pools for the youngest students as well as an amphitheater. An environment with a center for studying performing arts. With this lab for Biology, Mathematics Physics, Chemistry English Geography, Psychology, and Geography. As well as a Memory lab and a doctor-on-call facility, and a 14-bed infirmary for sick patients.

Mann School Swimming Pool

The library is Wi-Fi-enabled and has more than 18,000 volumes plus subscriptions to over 24 publications. The school is home to one of the top horse-riding clubs in the nation and it is a part of The Equestrian Federation of India.

The school has six separate air-conditioned hostels for boys and girls. Each one of them houses comfortable dorms, a self-study space, and a common space to entertain. These hostels can hold 311 students. RO drinking water as well as 24 seven power are accessible within the campus. The dining hall of the school is able to accommodate 500 students. It also serves hygienically cooked vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, as well as oriental and continental food.


Even with all the facilities accessible, a school is ultimately only as perfect as its educators. This is also where The Mann School scores highly. Each faculty member has an outstanding academic experience. Paired with professional teaching training and a wealth of experience at some of the most prestigious institutions in India. The teachers are on the campus, which makes them accessible in evening hours, especially during examinations.

Mann School Delhi Faculty

At this school, students will cherish memories of being under their respective housemasters or wardens. Who treat them as their very own and guide them in the way only teachers are able to. The staff of Mann School aspires to skill the students with vital 21st Century skills. Focusing mostly on the 4Cs: Communication Collaboration, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and creativity.

In addition, they help to prepare young minds to be lifelong students, they also make sure that students have the essential life abilities. Education without pleasure is not learning. They make use of technology and accept it. But only if they don’t restrict or control minds, which are young and naïve.

Sports Facilities

The Mann School believes that with academics, sports are essential for the overall development of the students. The day-cum residential school has an attractively laid-out playground for sports such as football, cricket, and hockey as well as a floodlit skating arena, a 400m sports track as well as a basketball court, and Decco turf of international standards for tennis. These are the facilities for sports at The Mann School. Additionally, the school has an orchestra where students can learn instruments for music.

Maan School Sports Facility

Apart from academics, the institution motivates learners to take part in extracurricular ventures, like music and basketball, adventure sports, tennis as well as swimming, horse riding skating gymnastics as well as martial arts. Students are also enticed to join their local National Cadets Corps (NCC) in both Armoured as well as Air Wings, to instill the excellence of quality as well as discipline and comradeship. This school has been honored with the ‘Overall School of Excellence’ Trophy by the NCC.

Vision and Mission

The Mann School does not believe in producing a specific number of educated students each year. It believes in making educated, mature people who contribute to society. The development of character and discipline are the two fundamental principles The Mann School inculcates in its students. The Mann School is one of the most prestigious boarding schools in Delhi NCR.

The Maan School Students

The Mann School aims to develop students’ overall development with the latest in education, establishing ethical and moral values in the students. In order to help them become students who are lifelong learners, they believe that every child can be nurtured into a responsible person who will make a significant contribution to the world.

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