Lancers International School Gurgaon

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Lancers International School is one of the best boarding schools in Delhi NCR. The school is located in the Capital Region of India. The school has its philosophy on a dedication to empower and educate 21st-century students. Who are prepared to be successful in a globally connected to the advanced world. At Lancers we don’t only recognize a legacy of academic excellence, but also an authentic education that helps students for life’s challenges while making a major contribution to society.

Lancers International School

It is a co-educational day boarding school offering classes starting from the classes of the nursery to class XII.  Established by a team of professionals with a total of 32 years of teaching experience. School is now in its fourth year in operation. The first group of students will take an IB Diploma examination in June 2013.

The day boarding school has courses that are international in nature and is affiliated with IBO, Geneva, and the CIE. In Primary school, the curriculum is child-centered, and the methods of teaching focus on children getting their knowledge and understanding. It is also a potential to participate in the IB Primary Years program. Middle school students follow the Cambridge International Examinations syllabus with IGSCE at the end of grade X.

Students entering class XI will begin their two-year IBDP program. This is a challenging course of study that prepares students for the university experience and for life. Students can choose their field of study among a range of 17 subjects based on their interests and requirements to pursue higher education.


The campus of the school extends across 5.4 acres situated in the central region of Gurugram, an up-and-coming city located near the capital of India, New Delhi. It is equipped with computer and science labs, IT-enabled classrooms as well as music, art drama, sports, and art facilities. They offer programs that incorporate international curricula that are integrated into a learning environment.


Lancers International School provides the modern infrastructure to allow students to feel the excitement of learning. Students are involved in a variety of activities, activities that promote learning, enjoyment, and interaction with other students, their teachers as well as other staff. The library at the school is filled with digital and print books as well as other academic tools.

Their cafeteria serves continental and Indian meals to students. Students are fed five meals per day, and the menu is changed every week. The school has air-conditioned buses that comply with the strictest security and safety standards. Health center is geared towards providing the highest quality medical and nursing services for adolescents and children to help them achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being.

Lancers International School boarding facility comprises two blocks that are designed for girls, and one for boys. The students live in comfortable, spacious, and airy rooms and can choose between two beds or six beds in one room. each with its own bathroom. Each block also has a cozy space for students to connect, watch television and unwind.


The teachers at Lancers International School challenge students and offer them the chance to be successful during their stay at this most prestigious international school located in Delhi NCR. Through project-based learning opportunities, Lancers International School students develop skills of collaboration and ingenuity as they strive to achieve the same objectives. In the end, students are stimulated intellectually and leave with a better understanding of their strengths and a love of learning, which they will carry throughout their lives.


The teachers from this boarding school in India helps the students to develop character and develop their personalities so that they can become self-sufficient and confident people that are able to conquer every obstacle and setback they face. Teachers guide students to ensure that they are able to think for themselves that are certain to embody the highest values.

Sports Facilities

Lancers International School believes that sports are an integral part of education. It’s a good way to increase physical strength as well as to understand what it’s like to be part of the team environment and, most importantly, enjoy yourself. Students are kept fit and active throughout their time at Lancers by playing regularly throughout the week, an array of more than 25 sports high-quality facilities and coaches, and the chance to participate in inter-school competitions.


Through participating in sports that are competitive like golf, basketball, badminton, cricket, tennis, hockey, football, and volleyball, students are taught to be part of teams and become more disciplined. There is also the possibility to play ice-skating squash and swimming, judo, aerobics, and archery. With a 4-lane swimming pool and boxing ring handball alley, golf simulators as well as a 100-meter shooting studio two squash courts and studio cycling facilities, an ice skating rink, and an athletic track Lancers is home to one of the most impressive sporting facilities in the country.

Vision and Mission

Lancers International School has the most resolute of students who have a strong belief in the strength of independence and freedom. The day-boarding school is convinced its students are going to inherit its totality. They will be compassionate when they approach their work, deft at adapting, ingenious and resilient in moments of crisis, and internationally-minded capable of creating their own place in any global system.mission-vision-lancers-international-school

Lancers International School’s purpose is to provide a learning environment where all students can be lifelong learners who are disciplined, responsible, and ethical world. Lancerians are respectful and understanding toward people of different races and ethnicities.

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