Apeejay School, Noida

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Apeejay School, Noida, elevated under the auspices of the Apeejay Education Society, was established in the years 1981. Apeejay School is very reputed and known as the best boarding school in Delhi NCR, which is distributed over a vast, lush green campus of 16 acres. The school began with only 186 students on its rolls, has celebrated 35 magnificent years of its start. In spite of its incredibly humble conceptions, the school has cut out a place for itself in the educational strategy with great academic norms and goodness in different co-curricular activities.

The Apeejay school was under the CBSE in May 1983. The first batch of all India Secondary exams was sent in 1984 which got the first unit to all 11 students who emerged in the Exam. In 1985, was sent the first batch of the 12th class. In the same year to complete the requirement of outstation students shouting for admission, the school hostel was begun with eight students. Its first computer lab in 1992 and presented ample computer-aided learning programs. With its mission for all overgrowth of students the school combined its activities in all orbs like – public speaking, recitation, sports, drama, music, creative writing, fine arts, dance, and more.


Disclosing and training young kids through various media such as camos, leadership programs, tours, workshops, cultural meets, cross nation races, and more, the school won several trophies and much praise. Take any platform, state, local, international level, the students of the school have demonstrated themselves the best and have got reputation and honor for themselves in National Debate, technology, Mathematics and Science, Art, Quiz, Music, and more. This school has always arisen as the best boarding school in Delhi NCR.

School Infrastructure 

The pre-primary block has a scholar and student-friendly climate. The hexagonal rooms are nicely glowed with natural light and are nicely circulated as well. The area is surrounded by beautiful landscaping. The passage that shows to the pre-primary area has a colorful Hopscotch on one side. The middle space of the block is well sustained to keep the kids close to the environment and assist them to attend to the natural transformations in their surroundings.

The building of this school was launched on 30 March 2005. The primary block has a separate three-storied building which is true architectural looks and is based in the lush green atmosphere which is more helpful to education. The primary department conducts classes from 1 to V on a co-ed design. The middle block is an ideal example of architectural specialization with hexagonal classrooms, giving learners good natural sunlight throughout their studies.

school infrastructure

The middle block prepared of classes 6 to 8 with well prepared 4 computer labs. The school auditorium is an area to demonstrate the skills of nascent actors, singers, poets, and dancers. The creative line of each student is recognized and encouraged here. It housed about 1500 learners and is trained with the current technologies in light and sound systems.

School Library 

The library of this best boarding school in Delhi NCR is the center of inculcating the reading pattern in the learners and growing in them an understanding and sensitivity towards their climate. The libraries for students for 6 to 8 classes count 3000 sq ft. is breezy and well lighted and ventilated. This is a storehouse of knowledge with more than 16,000 books on various subjects.

Countless reference books are available and can be used in the library. The libraries get a huge array of journals and magazines both national and global apart from the regular national newspapers. The kids use the library for references work and study. They are conducted by seasoned and skilled librarians, who assist them in the concerned study materials.

Science Park 

The popularize play-way teaching and learning methods in the sector of science, a science park is formed in the school. It is the creative idea of teaching the basics of science in an informal method. The science park has well-formed gadgets to facilitate knowledge with fun. Every widget is established with a resolution about how to conduct the gadget. The different idea of science is amazingly shown, which kindles young brains for their better future, the gadgets comprise pulley, periscope, centrifugal force, echo tube, and more.

Sports and Games 

Qualities such as sportsmanship and leadership are nearly incorporated into the school’s curriculum. The best boarding school in Delhi NCR has a huge playground and gives vast possibilities for learners to take a part in different sports and games under the direction of seasoned physical education teachers. The major target is to grow not just their physical but their mental fitness as well. Basketball, Cricket, Football, Table tennis, Volleyball, and Throwball are a few of the games played regularly.

Vision and Mission

vision and mission 

This Best boarding school in Delhi NCR is dedicated to quality education of international proportions leading to man-making and country-building. The education society at this school strives to form institutions that support the great norms of goodness in education and creative instructional methods. To form an international education society of moral persons who have grown their artistic, academic, and professional skills to the great degree, and who have a heavenly feeling of intention in their lives, encouraging all over them to beat obstacles, and work together to bring a positive transformation in society.


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