Acacia Public School

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Acacia Public School is one of the best schools in Dehradun. This school is a perfect combination of education and activities for students. Acacia Public School established in 2001 with a passion and dedication to archiving the overall development of students. Acacia Public School is situated in the picturesque landscapes of Dehradun. This school works under the CBSE Board, carrying a lifestyle of educational excellence and holistic development. This school aims to deliver and nurture young minds, investing in values and readying students to excel academically. It has established itself as a beacon of quality education, driven by the demand for an enriching learning experience within the community.

What distinguishes Acacia Public School is its steadfast commitment to delivering a comprehensive education that goes beyond conventional limits. The institution firmly holds the belief that education extends beyond textbook knowledge, encompassing the cultivation of personal values and life skills. This principle lies at the heart of the school’s ethos, influencing every aspect of its academic approach.

This school faculty follows the CBSE rules and pattern that confirmed students receive a determined basic in topics spanning mathematics, technology, languages, and social studies. Acacia Public School excels in prioritizing critical thinking, fostering creativity, and honing effective communication skills. This school seeks to increase students who can flourish in an ever-evolving world and make a contribution to society. 

Curricular Activities in Acacia Public School

Acacia Public School delivers a deluge of co-curricular things to do that are twisted with the Academic timetable and activities conducted during the exercise periods. Its dedication to providing essential education to every student is paramount. This CBSE school delivers its students a path to achieve superiority in their Genius area, consisting of visible and enacting Arts, Sports and Games, and life skills. Co-curricular activities qualify students for the future, fostering a well-rounded development.

Facilities in Acacia Public School

  • Digital Classroom- Acacia Public School delivers smart classes to the students, as a modern technique of schooling in the Indian training state of affairs which delivers excellent schooling to students with the support them in higher idea construction, conception development, improvement in studying capabilities, and educational accomplishment. 
  • Sports- In Dehradun, this CBSE school delivers numerous sports for its students, indoor and outdoor sports. 
  • Library- The library at Acacia Public School houses an impressive array of engaging books tailored to the preferences and developmental stages of young minds. This school library is equipped with several subjects ranging from academic subjects like English, Maths, Science, Social Science, Commerce, Computers, and Economics to extracurricular, and non-academic subjects like sports, Cookery, Fiction, Poetry, Plays, Biographies, Arts, etc. 
  • Children’s Park- In Acacia School, there is a scenic, theme-based park with an amazing playground and play equipment like bars, swings, cycle-merry go-rounds, slide through themed presentations that transport you to a wonderland, leaving you in awe of the captivating visuals.
  • Laboratories- This best CBSE school has well-designed and equipped separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer. 
  • Transport-Ensuring secure and reliable transportation, this school operates a dedicated fleet of buses and cabs, driven by trained personnel attuned to the needs and safety of small students. To ensure supervision and monitoring, a dedicated transport attendant accompanies passengers throughout the journey. 

Acacia Public School, Admission Procedure

Step1 –

To secure admission to this school, prospective applicants can acquire an application form directly from the campus counselors, available Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm, upon payment of the applicable fees. Candidates are given the option to download the application form for manual submission. The duly filled application form then wants to be submitted alongside the required documents. 

Step 2 – 

The candidate will be accoutred with an Admission letter from the Admissions Department confirming his admission to the deliberate program. The applicant needed to pay the confirmation fee, as at the commencement conveyed with the aid of the Admissions Counselor. 

Step 3 – 

As part of the Acacia Public School admission process, candidates must submit their original certificates, accompanied by a set of attested photocopies validating their claims. These documents are to be presented to the Admissions Department during the reporting phase for thorough scrutiny and verification. The Receipt-cum-Acknowledgement must be obtained with the necessary signature from the admissions department.

In essence, Acacia Public School transcends being a mere educational institute, it is a dynamic environment where young minds are cultivated to evolve into responsible and well-rounded individuals. At Acacia Public School, students not only learn but thrive, establishing a robust foundation for future success in academics, personal growth, and responsible global citizenship.

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