Why Is It Important To Educate A Girl?

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Education is essential as food and air. It is indispensable for everyone, whether it is a girl or a boy. According to a survey currently, there are 31 million primary school-age girls who are not in schools.

In this economic crisis, education is like a boon for girls. It has a global impact on girls. It makes a person a healthy mind so that she can make her own decisions of life independently. Here are the top reasons why is it important to educate a girl?

1. Involvement in Politics

Women are under-represented as voters & denied access rights in the political affairs of the country. If they are also educated enough, they are more likely to participate in meetings, political discussions, good decision-making policy, which in turn promotes a more representative and effective government.

To understand this point, we can take examples from a list of successful Indian women politicians/leaders such as our former President, Smt. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil, and former C.M Smt. Sheila Dixit, Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nirmala Sitaraman, Sushma Swaraj, Sarojini Naidu, and many more.

These educated women political leaders had & have been representing the nation.

2. Socio-economic Growth of Society


Girls’ education is a strategic development policy for any country to flourish well. Educated women have a higher chance of escaping poverty, leading to healthier & more productive lives. This raises the standard of living for the family as well as the community.

3. Future Leaders of World

If girls are given proper education as do boys receive, they’ll probably emerge out as glorious leaders in the future. There are several women leaders who have represented India; their names include P.T. Usha (Runner), Dr. Kiran Bedi (Women I.P.S officer), Bachendri Pal, Kalpana Chawla, Rani Lakshmibai, Sania Mirza (Tennis player), Arundhati Roy, Arunima Sinha, P.V. Sindhu, Mary Kom (Boxer), Mithali Raj, etc.

Educating our girls will thus make them better leaders of tomorrow. There are many schools in Dehradun that are famous for girls education

4. Increase in Literacy rate


If girls are educated, it will result in the literacy rate of a country. Educated girls live more advantageous and progressively profitable lives as compared to their counterparts. While raising the way of life for their kids, families, and community.

These are some of the significant reasons why we should educate our girls.

5. Reduction in Poverty


When girls are provided with equal rights & equal access to education as compared to boys, they contribute to business & economic activities. Increased earning income & power combat against poverty through feeding, clothing & providing for the entire family.

6. Equally Hard Working as Men


Educated girls are working shoulder-to-shoulder with men. After the marriage, girls who are educated, can work & help her husband in bearing the expenses of the family.

In every field of life, they have & are leaving behind men. Today, they have become Pilots, Teachers, Journalists, better employees, CEOs, Sports players, Politicians, and many more.

All these have been possible due to the education of girls.

7. Educate the Future Generation


A proverb says that “If we educate a boy, we educate one person, but if we educate a girl, we educate a family and a whole nation.”

By sending a girl to school, she is more likely to ensure that her children also receive an education. Investing in a girl’s education is like an investment in the development of a nation.

8. Choosing a Better Profession


Educated young girls can demonstrate themselves to be effective in various fields of life. When they have the chance to be taught, it gives them the better opportunity to turn into a Master Chef, Pilot, Air Hostess, Architect, Specialist, or the decision of what she needs. We have listed some girls boarding schools in Dehradun.  

These are some of the valuable reasons to support girls’ education. Remember, for every educated boy, every girl should be taught too.

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