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UWC Mahindra College is one of the best boarding schools in Pune. This international co-educational residential school is affiliated with the International Baccalaureate, Geneva. UWC Mahindra College, one of 15 colleges and schools worldwide that make up the UWC (United World College) movement. UWC offers a challenging, transformational education for a diverse group of young people. To inspire them to be agents of positive change.

The UWC movement runs the only global network of pre-university schools whose motives are to make leaders create a peaceful and sustainable future, selected on their own merit, regardless of their ability to pay.  UWC Mahindra College is ranked at no. 4 positions among the international schools in the education world India school rankings 2020-2021. In line with its policy of encouraging environmental protection and a greater appreciation of one’s surroundings, this boarding school in India is currently creating a biodiversity reserve on a large portion of its open-land campus.

UWC Mahindra College offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The UWC Mahindra College Project Based Diploma is also available. Students can choose to complete a research project during their two-years of study. UWC Mahindra College offers the accredited UWC Diploma option. It also offers summer programs, two weeks of projects, and a third-year option. Students have the opportunity to study many aspects of environmental protection, including soil conservation, deforestation reverse, water and waste management.

The UWC Mahindra College admits only those who are qualified. Selection is based upon personal merit. Financial assistance in the form partial or full scholarships can be made available to those who are financially unable. The National Committee makes the selection. For the academic year that begins in August, applications can be submitted through December and January.



Near the village of Paud, in the Mulshi region in Maharashtra in India (about 40 km from Pune), the campus of UWC Mahindra College covers an area of approximately 175 acre. The stunning rural setting of the Western Ghats, with its perch on a hill overlooking Mula River and close to the Mulshi hydro electronic Dam, is captured from the college’s vantage point.

This school was purpose-built to house approximately 220 students and 25 faculty members over the nine-month academic calendar. The science labs are used for practical science methods. Because most students own their laptops, the IT center has a limited number of computers. Students can also use the computers in the academic resource centre area to do independent research. UWC Mahindra College boasts a well-equipped art and music studio, as well as a library with over 20,000 volumes in various languages.

UWC Mahindra College has a two-ward hospital that is well equipped to handle all medical issues and basic injuries. The medical center is staffed 24 hours a day by three nurses and a doctor, and also has an ambulance in case of emergency that cannot be treated at the campus facilities. UWC Mahindra college’s cafeteria serves a variety of Indian and international cuisines, as well as vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. There are three main meals per day and Indian snacks, along with a beverage at morning and afternoon breaks.



UWC Mahindra College is proud to have a core of committed faculty who are highly experienced and well-qualified. Special remedial instruction and counseling are provided to students with learning disabilities. All students are treated equally, regardless of their ability. Teachers and grads work tirelessly to bring out the best from every student.

In addition to the large number of career teachers, a significant portion of our faculty is practitioner teachers. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise into their classrooms. Our practicer-teachers include a chemistry teacher with a background in research at the nation’s most prestigious chemical research laboratory, as well as a film teacher who worked as a cinematographer for commercial films and an environmental system teacher who set up his own organic farm.

UWC Mahindra College’s practitioner teachers can help you get beyond the theoretical to the practical side of your professions. They have years of experience and are able to offer a unique perspective.

Sport Facility

Sport Facility

UWC Mahindra College believes that academics are just as important as sports for students’ lives. UWC Mahindra College is the top boarding school in India, providing the best sports facilities to students. There are many sports facilities, including a pool, tennis court, basketball court and volleyball areas. A small gym is also available with training machines. A playground is available for students who are part of the faculty.

Vision and Mission

vision and mission


UWC Mahindra College’s educational vision is guided by the UWC educational model which values deliberate diversity. Students live in diverse communities where they are challenged and motivated to reach their full potential and be agents of change in order to foster peace and sustainability around the world.

This boarding school is open to people from all walks of life, regardless of their background, culture, or circumstances. Selection criteria for students include character, compassion, potential, and ability. UWC doesn’t just teach you the knowledge, they also help you to apply it.

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