The Lawrence School

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Lawrence school is one of the best boarding schools in India. This boarding school is situated in the Kasauli Hills near Shimla. It is only an hour’s drive from the crowded city of Chandigarh. The Lawrence school is a private boarding school that offers world-class education to students. Along with education, this best boarding school also focuses on sports and co-curricular activities so that students become successful in all fields.

The Lawrence school is every parent’s dream school because of its high-class education and outstanding facilities. In this boarding school with a long list of esteemed alumni, exchange programs, adventure sports, and rich cultural history, the students will learn beyond classroom education.

The Lawrence School-intro

This prestigious and best co-education boarding school was founded in the year of 1847. The Lawrence School is a vision of Sir Henry Lawrence and his wife, Honoria. He founded this School to offer the education and upbringing of the orphans of British soldiers and other poor European children. The Lawrence school is a co-educational boarding school and follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

The school is one of the oldest surviving boarding schools in the Asian subcontinent. The students in this boarding school come from varying backgrounds and different parts of the sub-continent. It provides an ambiance that motivates the analytical minds of the students and offers them several avenues for expressing their creativity and sharpening their skills.

The Lawrence School provide quality education to students along with academic also offers cultural, social, moral, and psychological guidance support to students. This boarding school provides various learning resources and supportive infrastructure in the form of software, hardware, laboratories, and other materials. The Lawrence School offers a maximum variety of academic options for the students in conformity with the advanced changes and developments across the globe.


The Lawrence School-infrastructure

The Lawrence School is nestled in the Kasauli Hills, Himachal Pradesh near Shimla. This boarding school lies at a height of 1750 meters and is spread over 139 acres of land area. The School is enclosed with the lush forests of pine, deodar, and other coniferous trees. Holding one of the best campuses in India, this boarding school has well-maintained ventilated and spacious classrooms, well-equipped labs for chemistry, physics, and biology, and a heritage library with amazing books.

This co-educational boarding school has three dormitories, boys department, girls department, and prep department. As an independent unit, it has its own games, classrooms, hobbies, and meals, and study time. The Lawrence school offers a safe and secure environment for students. All the dormitories of this top boarding school are well-equipped and well-maintained and have all the facilities that help the students to live in an atmosphere so that they feel at home. There is also a campus hospital for students which was established in 1868 in an isolated area far from both the boy’s and girl’s departments.


The faculty of the Lawrence school comprises a total of 92 staff members teaching in various faculties. Male staff members are 44 and female staff members comprising two Resident Counsellors are 48. The educators in this boarding school are well-educated, experienced, and have been carefully selected as per their skills and talents.

The educators of Lawrence School offer quality education to students, and apart from this, they also foster students to participate in extra-curricular, co-curricular activities, and other competitions for their overall growth. The faculty of this best boarding school make students self-independent and prepare them to face the problems in their life.

For quality education, this boarding school offers a progressive teacher support system to the students. To supervise students from time to time, the faculty members such as, such as tutors, matrons, and a housemaster, live with the students in hostels. The Lawrence School offers a secure and safe atmosphere for all students, whether it is a girl or boy.

Sports Facilities

The Lawrence School-sports-facility

The Lawrence School has believed that with academics, sports are also vital for a student’s life. This boarding school also believes that every student is encouraged to join at least one sports discipline. The Lawrence School ensures the overall development of its students through several sports and cultural activities. Students in this boarding school are trained under the guidance of specialized coaches. In this boarding school, NCC is mandatory for senior students. Each and every student can explore a range of sporting quests, both as a team and individually.

Being the best boarding school, The Lawrence School provides the best sports facilities for students. This School has numerous facilities for sports such as basketball, hockey, squash, badminton, tennis, rifle shooting, boxing, swimming, athletics, table tennis, soccer, and many more. Along with these the Lawrence school also has the facilities of Gymnastics.

Vision and Mission

vision and mission

The Lawrence School is the best boarding school, and being one of the top boarding schools, it offers amazing facilities to students. The vision of The Lawrence School is to offer them the opportunity to manifest independence, integrity, confidence, leadership, ambition, and empathy. This boarding school encourages students to reveal themselves to the latest and advanced technological ambiance and to develop sound ethical values to allow them to become fantastic citizens of the world. The major motto of this boarding school is “Never Give Up” it inculcate into its student’s courage and bravery to fight with all odds.

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