SelaQui International School

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SelaQui International School is one of the renowned and best boarding schools in Dehradun. The Dehradun city is a hub for the best boarding schools in India, and SelaQui International School is one of them. There are a huge number of best schools in Dehradun; that’s the reason it is also known as the ‘City of Schools’ and ‘School Capital of India.’ Education is very important for all the students, so the best boarding schools of Dehradun offer the best education with social and cultural values. With academics, the best boarding schools in Dehradun also focus on the overall development of students so that they become great citizens of the world.

SelaQui International School

It is the most reputed and best coeducational boarding schools in Dehradun. This best boarding school was established in the year 2000. This school is open to boys and girls from class 5th onwards disregarding their caste, ethnicity, and religion. SelaQui International School follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and offers world-class education to students and competitive excellence in sports.

The school ranked among the best CBSE boarding school in Dehradun. To impart excellent education and in shaping up the school’s up to school vision Mr. Om Pathak a leading educationist of the country and Ex-Indian Administrative Officer helped in every situation. In SelaQui International School, the learning methods are most distinctive.

SelaQui International School

The curriculum of this best boarding school is designed around 6 c’s such as Collaboration, Communication, Character, Creativity, Citizenship, and Critical Thinking. The school motivates all its students to develop up into responsible citizens with a strong sense of right and wrong and to excel academically. The school’s curriculum trusted in crafting excellent individuals in addition to their entire development. SelaQui International School follows the house system there are four Houses in this best boarding school such as Agni, Akash, Prithvi, and Jal.


The faculty of the SelaQui International school includes several brilliant educators. All the teachers in this boarding school are well-experienced and have been carefully selected on the basis of their skills and talents. The educators of SelaQui School offers quality education to students, and along with this, they also encourage students to participate in extra activities and competition for their overall growth. The faculty of these best boarding schools in Dehradun make students self-independent and also prepare them to face the problems of their life.

selaqui international school faculty

This top boarding school in Dehradun offers a homely environment to students so that they cannot feel that they are far from their homes. The housemaster generally the senior faculty member supervises the students from time to time. The SelaQui International School offers a secure and safe environment for all students, whether it is a girl or boy. In this best boarding school, the hostels are nestled in the manner that the boys do not have permission to enter the girl’s hostels.


The campus of the SelaQui International school is wonderful, which is spared over the 52 acres of land area with a blooming and delightful atmosphere. This boarding school is situated middle of the idyllic village of SelaQui in Uttarakhand. The SelaQui International School has well-maintained ventilated and spacious classrooms, well-equipped labs for chemistry, physics, and biology, and a well-stocked library with interesting books. The peaceful and lush green campus of this boarding school helps students to focus more on their studies.

SelaQui international schoolInfrastructure

The SelaQui International School has well-maintained, airy, and spacious residential facilities for students to give them a safe and secure environment. All the hostels of this top boarding school in Dehradun are well-equipped and have all the amenities that help the students to live in an excellent atmosphere so that they feel at home. Along with the best residential facilities, this school also offers the best dining facilities for students.

Sports Facilities

In terms of sports, this school also is on top. SelaQui International school provides the best sports facilities for students. This school plays a huge role in growing team spirit and sportsmanship and augmenting and exploring each student’s hidden talent. The specialization in a specific sport is highly motivated in this boarding school. The aim of SelaQui international School is that before students graduate they must have to specialize in at least two sports.

SelaQui International School Sports Facilities

SelaQui International school believes that physical education and competitive sports are an essential part of life. This boarding school concentrate on growing both physical fitness as well as skills in various sports. The SelaQui International School offers many sports facilities to students such as full-size swimming pool courts for tennis, table tennis, badminton, basketball, athletics, karate, cricket, baseball, shooting, hockey, skating, soccer, cross country, horse riding, and many more. Apart from this, the SelaQui International school also offers an area for Yoga exercise and a multi-station gym and a specified area for indoor games.

Vision and Mission

Mission and Vision

SelaQui International School is the best boarding school in India, and being one of the top boarding schools in Dehradun, it provides opportunities for every student to excel in his/her opted field such as academics, sports, and performing arts. Build and strong and spirited community of students, faculty, and staff across religion, ethnicity, language, or region. The school’s main vision is to connect students with excellence in higher learning around geographies and disciplines.

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